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Song Title


    Summon Night: Swordcraft Story - I Must Not Lose The Battle!

    SMW Music → Summon Night: Swordcraft Story - I Must Not Lose The Battle!

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    Comments (5)

    TomatoPhalanges Link
    I first heard this port in Climb the Tower and I'm on record for not being able to get over how good it was! I've never heard the original but what a cool song- what Ultima said about the time signature changes and the triplets is absolutely right, gives it such a strong rhythm that's really easy to get into
    Ultima Link
    Tbh, I was already pretty much really liking this port before, but after a few more listens I think I finally realize how much of a banger this actually is lmao

    For the most part, this pretty much sounds like really generic RPG battle music like UTF said, but I think what sets this apart is the fucking time signature changes in this song, because god DAMN man, it just makes this cool in so many levels; reminds me a bit of Sakuraba's RPG battle themes as well due to the whole added progginess of it, and ngl, I was kinda surprised he wasn't in this OST, haha

    really great port too! the fact both the original and this port is lacking any sort of crash cymbals kinda makes it a bit empty tho, but since SMW technically doesn't use any actual crash cymbal samples either I can definitely say this is perfect for a unsampled port lol (especially since this is pretty much a "true" vanilla port thanks for the lack of the noise channel used)
    UTF Link
    i'm not familiar with the original version, but this is the most JRPG-sounding song ever lol. i can tell this port is well-done, so nice work #smw{:TUP:}
    Nicoke42 Link
    Zavok Link
    Pretty good!