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Climb The Tower

Super Mario World Hacks → Climb The Tower

Submission Details

Name: Climb The Tower
Author: Sweetdude
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 9 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: I don't have much time to talk the deadline is soon!

This entire hack (play testing creating everything) was made in a single day as a challenge that I wanted to do, I think it turned out great and you can see for yourself!

100% vanilla graphics and sprites no YYCHR edits or custom sprites

Retry patch, no other ASM was used, which means all you wall clippers can have a lot of fun!

Quick levels at a easy difficulty for kaizo great if you are just starting off.


Now with all that being said, LET'S CLIMB THIS TOWER!
Tags: music vanilla
Comments: 22 (jump to comments)
4.5 (13 ratings)
No rating
Download 237.83 KiB | 3,775 downloads


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Comments (22)

DruidAshTree Link
Very enjoyable, this was my 1st kaizo hack ever!
Leftarios Link
Great hack, the difficulty is manageable as a first hack but you might have some difficulty with slow vs fast falling. Aesthetically this hack is very nice. For being kaizo friendly the setups are diverse. Overall I really enjoyed this hack. Anyways later!
Neuromancer Link
fun hack!
Sariel Lupus Link
Very good hack.
VolleytheBall Link
I'm a beginner and had a lot of fun beating this game.
kurb kid Link
Anyone know how to get the moon on the 'Chutes and Ladders' level?
Jenboo Link
This is one of my favorite hacks, short and sweet. Thanks for making this Sweetdude. <3
lazy_star Link
Good for beginners, nice :)
crispy_plays Link
Awesome easy kaizo for beginners, and a good warm up!
jquery861 Link
Enjoyable for a first playthrough, runback, speedrun. Played this one after Quickie 2, had a blast. Flows very well, enjoyed it and keep enjoying it every time I play it.
yygdrasil Link
good job
JesseDillinger Link
Pretty good hack. Nice and short. Not really hard or TOO easy. Only level that really got me was the falling stage. That was a little tough for a few minutes. Good hack m8
SasoreAezdn Link
fun hack thanx :)
dogemaster Link
Nice hold right hack m8

MarcyAugust Link
Excited to play through this as my first actual Kaizo hack! <3

Edit: Alright managed to beat it! Took me right around 3 hours, and I gotta say, this romhack was a lot of fun, and definitely was a good transition off of playing Learn 2 Kaizo :) Thanks SweetDude~!
GiraffeKiller Link
Loved this. It was just enough of a challenge to keep it interesting, but long enough to make me want to push forward. Outstanding job.
 Linkdeadx2 Link
too easy
Great hack! I like the aesthetic, tricks and stuff. Even if it's a hack made in just one day, the quality is better than some hacks made in months.
Noob Link
an extremely entertaining hack ... one of the most enjoyable ones I've ever played ... great work ...
Arobam Link
cool short hack, amazing whats possible in 24h.
LouisDoucet Link
How much of that one day was spent getting screenshot 3 on the right frame?
Kr00mmi Link
I got Something to Play for tomorrow. Nice!