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Super Peggy World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Peggy World

Submission Details

Name: Super Peggy World
Author: smasken
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 13 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Super Peggy World - a kaizo hack for beginners.

This hack is meant as a way of having fun and for beginner in kaizo to feel good about doing cool-looking tricks without being punished or stressed that easily. However there are a few kaizo blocks in the later parts of the hack. As well as some trolls.

I will never claim that this hack is great but I strongly believe that this should be on the playlist for all beginners in kaizo.

The hack contains 13 exits including 2 hidden switch palaces and one hidden side quest (11 levels in total, 3 secret exits), it also has 2 "hidden" 3-up moons. Levels are quite short but containing a few kaizo tricks. Levels become more challenging closer to the end but still on an adequate level for those who want a beginners kaizo-hack.
Worldpeace's retry patch and Alcaro´s double spinjumo antifail patch has been implemented.

[Updated to v1.4
Vertival lava autoscroller is improved greatly! You now spawn inside the sublevel and it is made better.
New music,
fixed some cutoffs, ,
new secret level => 2 extra exits = 13 in total,
made it harder to cheese the yoshi jump in Window cleaners
changed inferiour decorator to make it better in my opinion
small changes to improve playability
Smaller aestetich improvements.
Added two collactable 3-up moons.
Added double spinjump antifail patch by Alcaro

[updated to version 1.3, a lot of changes, replaced one level and added/changed a lot of things on the other levels. Power-Up counterbreak is now applied, for more details read update.txt in zip file]

Tags: music vanilla
Comments: 29 (jump to comments)
4.3 (11 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (29)

Neuromancer Link
Fun hack!
VolleytheBall Link
Fun to play a quick and 'easy' hack. Some levels are just plain silly, but a good place to start maybe? I don't know, but thanks for making a hack!
Really fun beginner-friendly hack.
santiagomcrib Link
An enjoyable hack that didn't take up too much time. There were a few janky parts/misleading indicators that are easy enough to overlook. My only huge complaint is the HUD really got in the way in the second half of Fire Brigade.

Definitely recommend it for a beginner.
aB1s Link
Great hack! Was very fun to play! #smw{:TUP:}
anon25879 Link
[This review refers to version 1.4 of Super Peggy World]

In my opinion this is a really great (close to perfect) hack for beginners:
- it has levels of managable length with well chosen checkpoints and clear distinction of 1st and 2nd half as well as a good balance of "action/resting points"
- all levels feel unique and diverse
- coin trails and indicators are helpful
- neat kaizos and trolls
- quick retry/exit
- music is cool, fits the levels & makes playing more enjoyable. Going on even as you die is the way!
- lore is unrivaled
(- an autoscroller that i loved. And i hate autoscrollers (like most) lol)

I checked some older versions and am truly impressed by the reworking:
Skinning, music, rearrangings obstacles, no obnoxious waiting times other folks commented on. One can see that you truly took the advice to heart and spent time on these improvements.

A few things tho that stood out to me:
1) It maybe just me, but the second switch palace seems 10 times easier than the first one: You basically have just to dance on the disco and get trolled once, whereas in the first one you can die nearly everywhere. Maybe simply interchange the levels?

2) Alot of people seem to be surprised by the sudden difficulty-spike in the beginning section of "2.2 Fire Brigade". Even upon playing the hack again, i can't exactly pinpoint, what causes this... Perhaps the sudden timed/mid-air shell jumps all within other obstacles? Could insert a (non-obligatory) training level for beginners.

3) "2.3 Chip an' Dale": The first turn block in the second half can be cleared without purple blocks. Just jump on the second naked Koopa to hit the turn block and go on. It's not a problem since the mole acts as an autoscroller, just wanted to let you know. (Although if you want to force the use of the purple block, you might edit a kaizo block under the turn block?)

4) In "3.1 Window cleaners" the first "guided rope" is somewhat glitchy. Sometimes when i grab it, it goes on track, but i stay where i grabbed it and fall to death (or can only regrab it on the low end). I tried to replicate this, but don't know, if it's due to p-speed, pressing weird on d-pad or grabbing to high.

5) My main grief, relly:
If you only change one thing to vers 1.5 please let it be the following:
In "Sea Scouts" we go through: a) fish wall, b) chuck forth and back + killing, c) Luring Rip van fish to the left. At best pace this takes 50 seconds! Please laugh at me, if i did anything wrong, but that's ridicolous to just die to item swimming afterwards, especially if the time from picking the block to going right is so tight. I will not spend 1 minute on every retry, sorry, i value my time somewhat, especially if the first part of this isn't even difficult. (I used savestates (not proud) and in this case not because i don't trust my abilities, but because i lack interest in spending time on "nothing".)
My suggestion:
Remodel the first part, so after Rip van fish, you go through a pipe/some kind of checkpoint and after that you have your item swimming passage. For this, even the first part might rise slightly in difficulty and then i could also approve of the whole second part as well as the last two fish-"walls" spawning so early.

Aside from the neglegible (and one big) complaints this hack is highly recommandable for all beginners (and all kaizo-players ofc).
Thanks smasken and hopefully you're already working on "Peggy 2" :)

Edit: Didn't check for glitches, cheese etc.
Vellidragon Link
This was fun up until the lava level with the shells, which seems to require maneuvers I never even came close to pulling off and which are not introduced well for "beginners" to learn. Very frustrating and not in a way that made me want to retry, unlike the rest of the hack, which always seemed doable with enough tries.

I gave up at that point, I feel the difficulty spike is way beyond anything else in the hack and it's a bit of a downer.
Yetibucca Link
Really fun hack. My only issue is that there's a couple of blind jumps and it kind of ruins the fun when you die to something that you couldn't see coming. other than that, great hack and i would recommend :)
tuhmapoika Link
Little bit jank and somewhat short, but overall had fun playing it as my first kaizo hack finished.
JesseDillinger Link
This game was great. Real fun time. Didn't really troll me and the platforming was good. 4/5. Great hack for beginners. You won't get rekt so badly.
jeygamer123xd Link
Me lo pase completo en mi celular

Es mi hack favoritos
Buen hack
squ0g Link
This was the first hack(1.3) I beat without savestates and I love it. A great entry point for people looking to get in to these types of hacks.

I'm playing through again and I just noticed 2 minor small things.

In the first switch palace, you can softlock if you clip the p switch through the blocks at the very beginning of the level. I don't think that's likely to happen unless you're going super fast.

In the Dognapper, with the section with the shell going between the two on/off blocks, if you jump off the first platform a bit too early, the on/off block despawns and won't get hit, even when it seems like it should.

Incredibly minor things. Overall 4.5/5.
get_yo_pops Link
Had fun with this one. Solid music. Some sections did require a bit of waiting, but nothing terrible. Looking forward to the next one.
Noob Link
Terminei o hack 100% e posso dizer que é muito excelente. Não gostei da trilha sonora, mas a jogabilidade é muito imersiva. In the geral , 5/5
dogemaster Link
This was a very fun hack to play through. The soundtrack was good and platforming was fun but in some parts you had to wait (quite a bit) which disrupted the flow. Overall, solid first hack. I would recommend this to someone who's looking for a hack with same difficulty as quickie world.

smasken Author From older version: Super Peggy World Link
Hi everyone! Thanks all of you for playing!
I am working on v1.4 that will improve the vertical lava room (you will spawn inside the sublevel, a new hidden level will appear, new final boss and hopefully if I learn how to add music there might be new music also.) I keep beta versions in my files so if anybody wants to play it and leave feedback you are welcome to do so!
CrabsGoPinch From older version: Super Peggy World Link
As a beginner to Kaizo this hack was the perfect difficulty for me. Challenging but not frustratingly difficult. I would recommend this to players interested in learning Kaizo.

The final boss was way too easy! I beat him first try, felt very anti-climatic
PresD From older version: Super Peggy World Link
Great beginner hack! Levels are fair and very fun to play. I wish it was longer. Will be looking for more hacks made by this author.
Manus From older version: Super Peggy World Link
That was an absolute amazing SMW hack and the first one i have ever played! Every single level was really well designed, creative, and incredibly fun to play! Summing up sir you deserve a 10 out of 10. :)
Itzwiitard From older version: Super Peggy World Link
After recently trying to get into Kazio hacks this is one of the first for me to try.... I absolutely love it, difficulty is just right for me, can't wait to see more
RubyPhantasia From older version: Super Peggy World Link
Definitely a fun hack, and it's just around the right difficulty for a beginner.
I found the difficulty to jump around between levels, though.
For example, even though it was later in the hack, the Red Switch Palace was significantly easier than the Yellow Switch Palace - the only difficult part was the disco shell ride, whereas the Yellow Switch Palace was a full-blown vertical level.
And the boss of Lonesome Ghosts, was a bit anticlimactic in contrast to the gauntlet before it.

Still a very good, and very fun hack as is, and I would definitely recommend it to others.
ViniciusPlays From older version: Super Peggy World Link
NICE HACK I love it
lvllvl9 From older version: Super Peggy World Link
Good hack, good for starting out in kaizo. I agree with Nadir, a few skippable parts can be found.
In Window Cleaners you can skip the part where you spin jump off the the yoshi. you can run over the top with yoshi and jump off the yoshi to get to the next platform without jumping of the fuzzy. Nadir says it better than me but that may the main one you would want to address. Also dying on the second half of Fire Brigade it's a little annoying to have to walk then go through the pipe to get back to the level. That may a slight inconvenience to me alone, but it may be something to think about.
fknboondock From older version: Super Peggy World Link
I really enjoyed this hack, the difficulty seems to be a sweet spot that most hacks for beginners fail to hit. Hoping you make another #smrpg{y}
jhonny2003 From older version: Super Peggy World Link
this version enhanced a lot the hack, and for begginers like me its great to have easy kaizo hacks :D
SkeptisTrader From older version: Super Peggy World Link
Every update keeps getting better!
This is a nice easy kaizo to play thru quick and not be stuck on one level forever.
Highly recommend this to beginner kaizo players.

On a side note, really excited about the way kaizos have been heading... and now with the new level dimensions possible in the new version of LM, things will probably get crazy in 2019!
smasken Author From older version: Super Peggy World Link
Thanks for the feedback! @giraffekiller that was what I was aiming for. A fun and easy hack for beginners like me to improve kaizo skills without being punished that easily.
GiraffeKiller From older version: Super Peggy World Link
Fun, easy to approach hack. As a beginner, this is the perfect difficulty for me. I never feel the need to save state anything. Currently stuck on Lonesome Ghosts, the room with the midway. Figured it out!
Nadir From older version: Super Peggy World Link
Huge improvement over the last version, there are still some skippable parts,
for example the part in fire brigade where the green shell turns the switch on and off, you can just do a normal jump from the pink blocks to the pink blocks and make it before the shell touches the first switch, or the part with the yoshi in the next to last level, you can get P-speed and jump from the top of the cement blocks and do a normal ditch to get to the next platform (basically the spin on yoshi part can be ignored), in dognapper the parts where you have to jump on top of the thwomps (I supposed that's what's intended?) to get on the platform can be also ignored, because you can make then by doing a full jump on the grinders
and the overworld is cleaner than it used to be. Overall pretty fun hack.