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Kaizo no Yume

Super Mario World Hacks → Kaizo no Yume

Submission Details

Name: Kaizo no Yume
Author: duders
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Inspired by hacks such as Invictus, Kaizo no Yume is an Intermediate vanilla/chocolate swirl hack with a relatively steep difficulty curve.

-16 Challenging Levels
-2 Secret Exits
-4 Shortcut/Transition Exits
-A "Learn 2 Kaizo"-esque mini-hack in the opening level called Kaizo University. This features a hack tutorial as well as various sections to practice ASM and basic kaizo tricks. Improve your skills or learn something new!
-New and interesting ASM
-Custom sprites and music
-Plenty of trolls and other nonsense (I just can't help myself)

Please DM me on Discord or PM me if you find any issues I may have missed.

Good luck and have fun!

Updated to version 1.05

ZIP File Includes:
-Kaizo no Yume rom
-Kaizo no Yume rom without darken pause
-Read me, list of known bugs & patch notes
Comments: 17 (jump to comments)
4.5 (10 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (17)

RandomType Link
Beat it yesterday and i have to say its just awesome there were a few parts that felt unnecessary tight but it was still alot of fun
Great work at the motorskills level it was my first one ever and after the birdo fight i feel pretty ready for more motorskills
The checkpoint map 16 troll in the first level was kinda lame but still kinda funny
overall i think this was making me a better player well done duders
 Pokemon Hacker Link
This would fit perfectly as a special world in a large collaboration project
xxmagegagexx Link
Great hack, flows well, ASM levels are fun. Would recommend to anyone wanting a run-through of an intermediate hack.
Superkriko Link
One of the best hacks ever!
PhexaWint Link
Fun Hack
2YJ Wonsi Link
Oh, it's so really fun~!
I'll just say that the tricks with throw blocks are kinda annoying.
Apparluk Link
I noticed a bug in cosmos shells level. If you press pause while going up from a shell, you get a lot more height. You could possibly exploit that in some spots.
Apparluk Link
Had a lot of fun. Amazing hack !
B2De Link
This hack was really fun, the speaker box in birdos castle had me nervous for a second when it told you if your fingers get sore to take a break lol, but the motor skills weren't as rough as I thought it would be (my thumbs allowed me to type this) #tb{:p} GG Duders!#smw{:TUP:}
derv82 Link
Really like this hack; in the same vein as Invictus as far as difficulty & aesthetics. There were some parts that were a *little* too "tight" and became unfun, but overall was enjoyable. A++ 5/5 would play again.
N4m3_H3rE Link
Really Great Hack 11 out of 10 11/10
duders Author Link
Thanks for the feedback guys, it's extremely helpful. Some of the issues you guys have stated I'm looking for a fix and will update as soon as I find it!
GiraffeKiller Link
Loving this hack right now. Awesome art style, really fun overworld. I'm actually excited to find the secrets and I don't find the levels overly difficult. Great work!
Nadir Link
The levels where Mario moves right automatically are super frustrating because he also jumps automatically if you keep holding a jump button for a regrab for example. I found the springs level very frustrating because most jumps where completely or almost blind. There was also an instance of a level breaking in the spring level, one of the grinders that follow you kept spawning inside the munchers making it impossible to use it, another instance of a level breaking was in Sakura tree, where the grey falling platform depicted in screenshot 8 kept not spawning for some reason, both of these problems fixed themselves when I reset the game.
dogemaster Link
This hack has been incredible till I got to
the throwblock level. The throwblock shooter mechanic feels super janky and I randomly sometimes get a left throwblock throw + it feels very awkward. Hope that you fix the shooter.
Klug Link