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    Minecraft 1.14 Note Block Samples

    BRR Samples → Minecraft 1.14 Note Block Samples

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    Submission Details

    Name: Minecraft 1.14 Note Block Samples
    Author: Dippy
    Collection: Compilation
    Description: This is my first BRR sample submission,
    Minecraft got some new note block sounds for 1.14, so I decided to rip them and make them into .BRR format.
    Also, it says that the "pling" sound is new to 1.14, but when i've looked around it seems like it's been there the whole time.

    For the samples themselves, I looped them as well as I could, and then adjusted the ADSR to match how they sound ingame, but you can change this, of course.
    Tags: acoustic bass banjo cowbell square 50 xylophone
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