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Details for JUMP½
Super Mario World Hacks - JUMP½ Show random
File Name: JUMP½
Authors: JUMP Team, Lazy, Sixcorby, aterraformer, lolyoshi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 130 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: This is the long-awaited sequel to JUMP. Started by aterraformer as a smaller collab inspired by the VIPs, it quickly spiralled out of control and became a true sequel headed by lolyoshi, Sixcorby, and Lazy, and was saved by worldpeace several times over. JUMP½ features even more of the wacky design and creativity JUMP is known for, on top of several new features and a significantly less brutal difficulty curve.

JUMP's storehouses and dragon coin reward system return, along with the level info menu, hint movies, and a retry system for the hardest levels. This hack also boasts a brand new ASM-heavy boss or two, new unlockable items, plenty of hidden puzzles and 3-UP moons, saving at any time on the overworld, and a few other neat features.
Tags: asm, bosses, gimmick, less exgfx, music, puzzle, variety
Rating: 4.7 (Votes: 47)
Download: Download - 2.02 MiB
Hard but fair, great hack.
Posted by: highlandskid - | Link
Gabriel BR
This hack is pretty good man :)
Posted by: Gabriel BR - | Link
I had a lot of fun with this hack. I was challenged and became a better player by the end of it.
Posted by: jordo59 - | Link
Originally posted by GbreezeSunset
You can press L and R at the same time to replay castle levels

Thanks!! :D
Posted by: vanderShock - | Link
You can press L and R at the same time to replay castle levels
Posted by: GbreezeSunset - | Link
Hi! I'm playing now this hack (IT'S AWESOME) and I have a problem. Prob I'm just dumb, but after get the red switch I'm back to the castle that is different (with a second exit) buuuuut I can't play it. I pressed the buttom "for play" but doesn't work... how can I play again this castle? Thanks :)
Posted by: vanderShock - | Link
Originally posted by Holy Shinx
It's sad, because I don't think any hack is going to top this one, and I've played Magnum Opus of SMW hacking #smrpg{sad}
play vip mario 5 . i think it top jump half . massive collab hack.
Posted by: BOB66 - | Link
I played both JUMP games and I loved them. No rush but please tell me there will be another sequel.
Posted by: L33Tmemorz - | Link
I loce this hack <3
Posted by: Nos4893 - | Link
Holy Shinx
It's sad, because I don't think any hack is going to top this one, and I've played Magnum Opus of SMW hacking #smrpg{sad}
Posted by: Holy Shinx - | Link
I'm just going to give this 5*. Very Very good hack !! I liked everything about it !
Posted by: Crash88 - | Link
Absolutely amazing. Having multiple level designers gives you a taste of different styles and gimmicks, and the difficulty curve this time is far more consistent compared to the original JUMP.
Posted by: Panther-T - | Link
Nice hack. Thanks!
Posted by: rafaelfutbal - | Link
My favourite hack #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: Nint - | Link
I'm just about to try this now!
Posted by: prelovedSausage - | Link
Great Hack. It's so fun!
Posted by: Cheolpeoduck - | Link
I will try to do a detailed review here.

The overworld in this hack is just top-notch, both music and ambientation (decoration, events, etc). I also like the non-linear structure for the OW, which felt very interesting regarding the sense of freedom of the player.

As for the levels themselves, the majority of them are very clever and fun. Almost all of the gimmicks were nailed on regarding their presentation and developing. However, and this is something difficult to control when you have a really big collaboration hack in your hands, some of the levels feel a bit rompy for what the hack intends, to the point where I would have just cut them out because they feel like fillers (specially talking about some of the early levels, such as Over Hills and Valleys and Destiny of Grassland). Others have some problems regarding their gimmicks, such as being underdeveloped (Home Run Derby, altough I can forgive that since it was very fun anyway) or just badly developed (Factory of Necessity, which was tedious at certain parts, specially when having to repeat entire sections because of a hit).

There also exist a huge problem with difficulty in the hack: huge difficulty spikes exist here and there (Koopa Kaos, for example. The final part with the Winged Yoshi is just too tight and it feels very unfair; Ugoku suponji tachi no doukutsu feels too long and difficult compared with the surrounding levels). Some of the midpoint positions were also badly placed (A la reserche du gout perdu, just before a puzzle: it quickly becomes tedious to repeat it when you die).

The hack has also a problem with bosses: apart from some exceptions, they feel pretty boring and dull (the Boom Boom boss on Factory of Necessity is a clear example), so they could have been cut out without major problems.

Won't spoil anything here, but the last two levels of the "main" game, altough well though and clever, last for too long without checkpoints and became very annoying to play, specially So sadistic it's mischievous.

Overall, though sometimes irregular, the hack mantains a pretty high level quality until the end, which is admirable taking into account the big number of exits on the hack. I give it a 4 over 5.
Posted by: Darolac - | Link
I found an issue with Sunset Tower in world 8 in a 2 player game. The B button does not allow player 2 to bounce off of the upside-down clouds for some reason, although the A button still works, and spin jumping off of the clouds is okay for most of the level, but there's a couple points where you really want to do a B button jump.

Even stranger, player 1's B button input DOES allow player 2 to normal jump off the clouds! So, I was able to help my partner out by pressing B on my end for those particular spots. I'm guessing the coding for those upside-down clouds isn't properly checking for the current player's B button input, even though it does for the A button.

(I'm reminded of A Super Mario Thing, which we tried to co-op play in the past, but had a similar issue that affected the whole game in general, where player 2 could not spin jump on his own, but player 1's A button input activated player 2's spin jumps. I'm baffled such a glitch could even happen there. And, attempting to play ASMT co-op was pretty much futile.)
Posted by: SomeGuy712x - | Link
i just reached the desert level and didnt find many things to abuse yet, but the funniest one i found so far is this one in the desert yoshi house

this special powerup room always has a yoshi spawning on the right, but if you enter with one you have an invis yoshi which you can then use to spinjump off and right into this powerup.
this isnt very useful as currently i have all yoshi coins which gives me 19 and i need 20 for this powerup.

in case you wonder what the point of this is: well nothing, i'd just like to remind people that the best non tas hackbreaker is back (thats me you know. so remember me!)

edit: found a softlock. the level "the goon docks" allows yoshis and its not that unlikely to reach this point with one. problem is you cant enter this pipe with a yoshi and a 2 block height isnt enough to jump off. cant go left either cause the autoscroller stops right here.
Posted by: kaitri - | Link
nice hack. it was fun
Posted by: h.carrell - | Link
I'm relatively new to playing SMW hacks, but I've been catching up on many of the longer ones available, and this is by far the best, most fun, and clever hack I have played so far! Every part of the game was intelligent, well thought out, and fun. This hack also has the best overworld I've ever seen, and the abilities and other things that can be unlocked is a great feature. Some of the later levels have amazing variety in the path to beat them.

One thing I would note is that the later levels are very hard, and I think this hack's difficulty should be classified as Very Hard.

Overall, a perfect hack that makes other hacks seem dull. Thank you to everyone who worked on this for putting it together! I am very much anticipating Jump 1/3.
Posted by: madman - | Link
Great hack!
But how do I play as NES Mario?
Posted by: ThatDamnCatgirl - | Link
An awesome big, big hack with plenty of new funny gimmicks =]

Levels are clear, well designed and use wonderful palettes, and so is the overworld.

Difficulty is, yeah, hard, especially to the end where it becomes clearly very hard, still doable without savestates but needs some practice to acquire good strats.
While in JUMP I couldn't get over 90 exits, I could manage to get all 130 here.

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you all team for this masterpiece, and hope to see you again in a (JUMP) third hack =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
One of the best and most creative Hacks I've ever played.
I definitely recommend checking this out!
Posted by: NoNiC - | Link
This is an extremely good hack, i absolutely loved playing it.
Posted by: obscurianishere - | Link
ai que orror
Posted by: Ukyos2 - | Link
The HUD is removed in several levels on purpose so that the player has a full view of the screen
Posted by: GbreezeSunset - | Link
awesome hack completed in 19hours !!!!
Posted by: yygdrasil - | Link
Really Nice and cool hack! Awesome work! I'm loving it. It's really well made. The time limits are questionable in some levels, but everything else is incredible! GG #smrpg{y}
Posted by: Tony.Metcalfe - | Link
I can't play it on Snes9x (1.60) can some1 tell me a solution?
update, it turns out i did not patch it
Posted by: AliFurkan - | Link
Cote de Boeuf
I haven't even come close to beating this beast yet, but I've got a few preliminary thoughts:
The level design really is something else. Every level feels like there's been an insane amount of attention to detail. No hack I've played has had this kind of consistently excellent level design. Well done.
I was promised reasonable difficulty, and this hack mostly delivers. The levels overwhelmingly feel fair, though I don't know if I'll still think that when I get further in. If anything's a problem, it's the random difficulty spikes where the second half of one level takes me as long as the next three levels combined *cough* VLDC media player *cough*.
One thing that really stuck out like a sore thumb was the time limits. It doesn't feel reasonable to expect a player to complete any level in one shot within the time limits given. Maybe that's just me; I tend to be rather slow.
Compounding this problem is the fact that the HUD doesn't show up in many levels. That's probably a technical error, albeit one that should be fixed as soon as possible.
Still, great hack so far. 5/5. I doubt I'll change my mind, but maybe I'll update this review with more thoughts later.
Posted by: Cote de Boeuf - | Link
Pokemon Hacker
I love that just like Super Mario Maker, you can play as other characters. Demo from ASMT is my favorite
Posted by: Pokemon Hacker - | Link
Originally posted by cooolgamer
this game is very coool but i'm stuck on the level ''the maw of the beast'' i can't finish the level, i am on the yellow yoshi but i can't go on the lava...
it's possible to help me? :/

You're not supposed to surf on the lava, as one of the rooms give you a very clear hint of what to do. You have to
get hit for yoshi to run to the left and enter the blue pipe as fast as possible or it will fall into yellow blocks you can't reach. Then just position your yoshi onto the ON/OFF block wall and repeat the skull raft segments from earlier (make sure to enter the reset door), but this time, you have to make the shell hit the ON/OFF switch block one more time.

If you still don't get it,
Bowser's Cinema
has some movie files containing the level you're stuck on.
Posted by:  Katerpie - | Link
this game is very coool but i'm stuck on the level ''the maw of the beast'' i can't finish the level, i am on the yellow yoshi but i can't go on the lava...
it's possible to help me? :/
Posted by: cooolgamer - | Link
This is the best game I've ever played. Thanks.
Posted by: Chookon - | Link
Holy Shinx
Well i should play it (and OG one) to see what it is about it that poeple really like
Posted by: Holy Shinx - | Link
Originally posted by MasterMario97
but that one with the turn blocks as well as losing a whole world worth of progress (the game lets you save anytime you wish) is entirely on you.

I dont save because i play through the levels quick without losing much life, just dont see why i should save after every level lol. It might be me but it's still design flaws.

Ah just one little thing, had a lot of fun with this hack for the rest. Gonna try to get all the dragon coins. Hopefully we will see more JUMP in the future!
Posted by: KaizoDaemon - | Link
Can someone of the creators send me a link of the .SPC soundtrack? It's because I want to upload them to YouTube as I did with the first JUMP OST.
Posted by: Aaron_Al916 - | Link
This hack is absolutely incredible. The were definitely parts that were frustrating or that I wasn't personally a fan of, but there were so many more moments playing through this where something happened that was just awesome from over-world animations to Bowser's cinema to just crazy ASM gimmicks. Also, this probably has my favorite final boss of all time. It is an amazing hack, and thank you all for spending what must have been a considerable amount of time making it.

One note in case a future version is ever released:

I got soft-locked in the special world castle where if you jump the sprites freeze. After CP before the second spring on a 1F0 section, you spin jump on two podoboos, if they drop too low you cannot get out of that pit or kill yourself (and the level has infinite timer). Thankfully I was pretty good about saving after every CP, but thought I would mention it.
Posted by: TheStellarstrix - | Link
It's true that Maw of the Beast has certain spots where you can get softlocked (I managed to softlock myself entering a green pipe by entering it and somehow climbing the vines at the same time), but that one with the turn blocks as well as losing a whole world worth of progress (the game lets you save anytime you wish) is entirely on you.
Posted by: MasterMario97 - | Link
I love this romhack, so much unique levels. Some levels where not my cup of tea but most is well made!

But then i got into this level ''the maw of the beast'' or whatever it was called in world 8. I got softlocked in this level, wasnt trying to break the level i just got screwed by the turn blocks.
mod edit: fixed table stretch

So mad, my last save was coming into this world so i can start everything over again lmao.

Edit: this is why levels without timer suck ;'D
Posted by: KaizoDaemon - | Link
tl;dr: This hack has high points and low points and, while a lot of effort was put into this, some ideas are more fun than others. Still, if you want a great variety of ways to have fun then I recommend this hack. Just don't expect to enjoy the trip the entire way through.

Lotta words and thoughts down below for big smartypants.

So, the good news: this game has a lot of heart. A lot of effort went into putting together a full game made by various level designers, and a lot of functional programming was also put into this game. A good amount of effort has went into not just refining and polishing the base Mario World gameplay, but also providing extra content, new obstacles, and new toys to play with.

Some of the levels are also really stellar, providing a great deal of fun and professionalism. Several of the contributing authors put a lot of thought into not just making different levels, but also presenting them to a broad audience. There are high points in JUMP 1/2, and at these high points the game presents well-designed obstacles, and a difficulty that, while harder than usual Mario fare, is still accessible to people coming into this hack after playing and mastering Super Mario World.

Those high points I can't find any fault in; they are pretty close to Nintendo quality fun meant for a more skilled audience. I couldn't be happier with something like that. I just wish that was the entire hack, because where you'll have a high point, I feel you'll have a moderate point and a low point to go with each one of the highs.

The issue with collabs, even with this one that looks like a lot of true collaboration went into this, is that different design philosophies can't exactly mix into eachother, and a lot of different approaches went into this collab. It is extremely difficult to find all walks of Mario fan level design enjoyable, especially when, even if you aren't experienced, you are already basing your expectations on official Nintendo games. The biggest issue I've found with massive fan collabs is that every level designer makes radically different levels, and inevitably you will notice some authors you'll really like and some you'll really dislike.

That sums up my experience with JUMP1/2.

I can give you a sorted list of level designers that contributed to JUMP1/2 I liked the most to the least. When I'm playing levels by those on the top of that list, I am having a lot of fun and enjoying what people can do in SMW. When the authors are at or near the bottom of that list, I am constantly questioning design decisions and finding myself rewinding constantly, because the level design is either unfair for mortals or awkward and hard to parse. I'm not having fun in that case. I am instead groaning and wondering what was suppose to be fun.

I'd rather have not feel an urge to make that mental list in my head, but the quality of fun is wildly variable depending on who made the level. That's my biggest complaint: some level designers in this game have made a wildly different game than others, and a presentation like JUMP1/2 is not conductive towards a game with multiple target audiences. So if you notice the differences between author to author, you will inevitably reach points where you are really not having fun.

Aesthetics also suffer as a result because some times vanilla graphics will be remixed into appealing themes and sounds, and other times you will have literally zero effort put into presenting a more interesting Mario World to look at and play. (I am not kidding. There was a level made in 2 hours. It's one of the worse levels in JUMP 1/2. Big surprise there.) I once again notice the Overworld is the most appealing place in the game because it's by probably one or a couple people. While the lottery of level designers each put in different effort in presenting their levels. I'm usually not a big stickler for aesthetics, but the high points in presentation made me enjoy the level a lot more, and the low points made me want the high points back.

I shouldn't sell short those who really tried and succeeded to create an entertaining Mario game though. Not all of JUMP 1/2 is mediocre at best, and although you may look at the author and cringe, sometimes you'll look at the author and get hyped for their work. I just honestly wish that a one true design philosophy was followed, more than one if needed, instead of letting every sort of level in. I really enjoyed almost every castle, for example, and the others I thought were okay. Some gimmicks are not only very interesting, but are executed really well in the level. The authors who accomplish this entertained me quite well, and they would be responsible for this hack getting a high rating from me if it wasn't for the rest of the levels putting a damper on my mood.

Furthermore, I feel there's a lot of experimentation with different gimmicks and not enough proper refinement. Some of the gimmicks used are exceedingly janky and difficult to read at first glance. (partly due to poor level design) Honestly, in a world where many people are working on a project, I seriously think better attention should've been paid to why the high points were high and how their tricks could be used to bring up the low points, because I have a hunch that despite everything the JUMP Team still had to refine and reject some levels. I'd put money on that because that's my feeling, because while I think the low points are low, there's only a few really low points that made me seriously question why everything about the level. In a hack with over 100 levels? That's a good percentage that only 3-5 made me wish they were heavily reworked in the shop.

I do feel that, while progress has been made to create a more accessible and entertaining collaboration hack, there's still a long ways to go. Almost everything new and/or programmed by the team is used against the player; the player is given few features that gives them a new twist to gameplay they can use. The few exceptions to that rule are used for one level and discarded immediately. The moment I realized this my expectations sank because I still get the vibe that any attempt to program something new is just to either make the game more streamlined, or create a new obstacle for the player, of which so far, from what I've seen, Jesus Christ, I think we've got plenty of both already.

The big collabs of Mario fangaming still feels like a stomping ground of ideas instead of a true fangame. I say that because the biggest things missing from JUMP 1/2 is design cohesion and a general presentation. Not that SMW was perfect in both, but I can argue that JUMP 1/2 was worse at it than SMW. What's truly entertaining, I feel, is still a wide spectrum in the romhacking community and even Mario level design in general, and even when things aren't explicitly baby mode or Kaizo, level designers still make levels for audiences that simply don't cover the whole spectrum. Levels/whole games shouldn't attempt to appeal to every walk of fangamer because that's literally impossible, but collabs do that anyway by having each level cover a different field of interests, inevitably.

It's jarring and painful to experience that firsthand. Several gimmicks felt really good and enjoyable to play while others felt really lazy and easy custom programming that are grasping at straws to find applications for them. (Like for instance, all the levels that just remove a functionality of a game. Not a fan of any of them, even when the level in of itself wasn't painful to go through.) I think I would enjoy JUMP 1/2 a lot more if it didn't have levels that look like they're for people who take gitting gud at Marios way too seriously, or instead went all in on being a sort of Lost Levels imitation for SMW. That way I can at least decide unanimously if I like the hack or not, instead of wish I could split the hack a certain way and play only one part of it, or instead try to find works by single authors I loved.

And that's what made me give it a 3/5 overall and a recommendation on several conditions. I feel like those who have yet to break into mario fangaming and get a true idea of what's good and what's bad will find a lot more fun in this than I did. A lot of the points I have against JUMP 1/2 is simply because of poor application/execution, but are otherwise playable levels. Overall, there's a good deal of exceptional levels put into it that only gets marred by the presence of poor levels and poor gimmicks. If you want to experience the SMW romhacking community in all its strengths and weaknesses, and you're ready to deal with gimmicks and design that work against you at times, I think this hack was made exactly for you. There's a lot to experience here, both good and bad, and I think if you aren't deterred by hitting real low points in the game then you'll enjoy the trip.

I personally just wish this collab would get further refined after initial release to polish the rigid parts, but that's a pipe dream of mine I don't think I'll ever see in collabs like this. Not unless when the next collab comes out it's better than JUMP 1/2, which isn't impossible.
Posted by: DarkMatt - | Link
One more question....In a level called "Negative School", towards the end of the first half of the level, there is a green pipe with 2 coins above it...Anyone figure out how to get to it??
Posted by: anthonypasha - | Link
Originally posted by Soup
How do you go back to that level? After I beat it and then got the switch palace, it won't let me play it again. Is there something I am missing?

On the overworld, press L and R at the same time
Posted by: Magikey - | Link
Originally posted by randomdude999
@anthony: have you found bowser's cinema? it has a hint movie for that level. The cinema can be found by unlocking
Dynamic Dungeon
's secret exit, and the secret exit of the level after that.
How do you go back to that level? After I beat it and then got the switch palace, it won't let me play it again. Is there something I am missing?
Posted by: Soup - | Link
Pokemon Hacker

YES...... just F*CKING YES!!
Posted by: Pokemon Hacker - | Link
@anthony: have you found bowser's cinema? it has a hint movie for that level. The cinema can be found by unlocking
Dynamic Dungeon
's secret exit, and the secret exit of the level after that.
Posted by: randomdude999 - | Link
Awesome game!....Kinda stuck and wondering if anyone figured it out.
I'm on a level called "Maw of the Beast"...stuck in an area where you get a yellow Yoshi and there's a blue block..also, a yellow and blue switch....not sure what to do.

Any ideas?

Posted by: anthonypasha - | Link
2YJ Wonsi
130 Exits... it's not boring because there are so many stages!
Posted by: 2YJ Wonsi - | Link
Awesome hack! It's rare to see Collabs coming out this polished.
Posted by: Nao - | Link
Gostei do trabalho, exceto o gráfico tosco do Modnar alternativo. 5/5
Posted by: Noob - | Link
This is an impressive follow-up to an iconic hack. Thanks to everyone who worked on it.
Posted by: bolop700 - | Link
Great Hack! :D
Posted by: peppebd - | Link
Very good hack!
Posted by: mariosr - | Link
Posted by: edgar - | Link
Really enjoying this so far!
Posted by: Kvaern - | Link
Enjoying the Heck out of this hack! I'm about 95 exits with dragon coins in and have loved every minute. Great work everyone!
Posted by: Stiverson - | Link
Posted by: nahuelescoba - | Link
Posted by: Hypado - | Link
Posted by: IanBoy - | Link
Hack tão boa que peguei ligma 1/5
Posted by: Akutarex - | Link
I loved the first JUMP game, I'm excited to play this one too!! #smw{:peace:}
Posted by: Atomicatoms - | Link
Danielsonic 87
Who is that gives to this masterpiece only 4 stars???? Impossible, because here the story of SMW hacking is written again. A new standard is born!!
Posted by: Danielsonic 87 - | Link
There is no such thing has half a JUMP
Posted by: Jolpengammler - | Link
Haven't played this version of the hack yet, but I remember enjoying the levels featured in an older base ROM.
Highly recommended.
Posted by: MasterMario97 - | Link
It's BACK!
Posted by: kamekku14 - | Link
its here...
Posted by: Steven - | Link
Holy shit is this reality
Posted by: XpheXl - | Link
Beautiful Hack, im surprised its playable for a complete beginner to smw in general
Posted by: fearvel - | Link
I did 15 levels already. It is a great and unusual hack for me.
(Originally posted on 4/21/19)

However, I played JUMP 1/2 in 18 exits, but it is nearly impossible because of the image:

(Edited on 5/13/19)
Posted by: Evan05122005 - | Link
Wasn't expecting it to release this early tbh.
Sorry for not helping more, JUMPers.
Posted by: yogui - | Link
Originally posted by UTF
oh wow i was not expecting this!!! i need to make some time to play this. for anyone who's playing this hack right now, how is it so far?

This Hack makes Much Fun and Has Some Challanging Secrets where you must Think Twice :D
Posted by: lordkronos100 - | Link
holy fuck ive been waiting years
Posted by: Cobsters - | Link
i tried to post a neutral review and the site told me there was an error and that i wasnt allowed to... interstiong

e: it worked that time. what i said was that there are good levels and there are bad levels, and overall it's about what you're expecting (though ive found the more interesting creative levels start appearing much earlier here then they did in the first jump)
Posted by:  Hobz - | Link
JUMP is comeback !!!
Posted by: Noob - | Link
Finally we get to see more great hacks. Hopefully this doesn't really become frustating like in the first JUMP.
Posted by: Fullcannon - | Link
it is time
Posted by: Mellonpizza - | Link
Lets go!!!

Şimdiden var ya ne bölümler hissediyorum
Of ulan :)
Posted by: OEO6 - | Link
Diego Kaizo
hack of 2019 Jump is Back
Posted by: Diego Kaizo - | Link
Daizo Dee Von
oh boy this
Posted by: Daizo Dee Von - | Link
oh wow i was not expecting this!!! i need to make some time to play this. for anyone who's playing this hack right now, how is it so far?
Posted by: UTF - | Link
memes are back lol
Posted by:  Ayami - | Link
let's go o o o o
Posted by:  Stivi - | Link
130 exits!? Jump """"half""" indeed
Posted by: switchpalacecorner - | Link
Oh my god the madmen did it
Posted by: j1h7e7 - | Link

Posted by: dogemaster - | Link
A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one
Posted by:  E-man38 - | Link
SF - The Dark Warrior
good day for 4/20
Posted by: SF - The Dark Warrior - | Link
Green Jerry
Does this hack have an anti-save state and rewind system?
Posted by: Green Jerry - | Link
does it have lootboxes
Posted by:  Eevee - | Link
Posted by:  Minuy600 - | Link
Super Maks 64
It has been 3000 years
Posted by: Super Maks 64 - | Link
Posted by: snoruntpyro - | Link
Posted by: NaroGugul - | Link

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