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One Level Hack

YI Patches → One Level Hack

Submission Details

Name: One Level Hack
Author: Sillymel
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: Redirects World 1-1 (and all other overworld levels) to any overworld level you specify (set to 1-1 by default), and rolls the credits after the score screen at the end of the level.

Currently, after resetting after the credits, the savefile used will still be empty.

Stores your level score to World 1-1.

Defaults to sending to World 2-1.

Useful for race and contest levels.

See ASM file comments for usage notes.

Overwrites code at addresses $01beac-$01beb0 and $17e065-$17e067.
Dummies out code at addresses $01beb1-$01bee3 and $01bf38-$01bf5d

Also disables the bonus game as a side effect of the patch.

Version 3.01: Initial release to SMW Central (Previous versions were released elsewhere.)

Version 3.02: Changed default level used to 1-1 (was 1-3), fixed incorrect terminology in variable names, and shortened long lines for easier reading.

Version 4.00: Made music fade out before switching to credits
Tags: credits customizable one level race
Download 836 bytes | 179 downloads