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Details for Resplendent Crystal Cave
SMW Graphics - Resplendent Crystal Cave Show random
File Name: Resplendent Crystal Cave
Authors: Katrina
Type: Original
Purpose: Foreground, Layer 3
Description: A set of crystal cave graphics with a matching BG on layer 3.

The FG includes animated lava. It also includes a lava glow for use on translucent layer 2, and the crystals work well on translucent layer 2.

There is a less crystally variant of the FG (using the same map16 and everything), in case crystals aren't your jam re: caves, but it is less featured than the crystal version. In particular, the BG is only available in crystal flavor.

Some (minor) tiles are designed to go with my Resplendent Global Graphics.
Tags: cave, crystal, crystal cave, lava
Download: Download - 20.90 KiB
Posted by: Eduard - | Link
Batata Douce
You apparently didn't even sleep when you were doing this.
Posted by: Batata Douce - | Link
I'm just saying...
This is some of the most BEAUTIFUL graphics I've seen on this site so far (new here)! I'm using them in my ROM hack right now! #smrpg{y}
Posted by: TheSkillMythos - | Link
Gamma V
Sweet Solus Prime....these are GORGEOUS! "Resplendent" is right!
Posted by: Gamma V - | Link