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Details for Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals
Super Mario World Hacks - Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link - Show random
File Name: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals
Version History: View
Authors: bandicoot
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 113 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: While Mario and Peach visited Yoshi in dinosaur land Bowser found a new source of power known as the Magical crystals, these little small crystals have the power to make his owner stronger than ever, with this power at his hand Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach and all Yoshi's friends, with that Mario and Yoshi decides to go on an adventure to save them!

Note: The save file from the Savebase section wont work anymore with this version, because now the hack uses Expanded save sram patch.

Obs: Para os brasileiros estou incluindo uma versão em portugues da hack!
Tags: asm, bosses, gimmick, music, traditional, vanilla
Rating: 4.9 (Votes: 14)
Download: Download - 1.69 MiB
umas das melhores hacks q joguei, vou jogar as outras 2
Posted by: stormflowermario - | Link
Olá para todos! Estou aqui só para reportar um bug que achei na quinta fase do mundo 2, de nome "Blurp Fish Cavelake". Não sei se alguém aqui achou o mesmo problema, ou por qual razão aconteceu, mas a chave desse estágio não aparece em cima dos blocos que surgem quando aperto o "P". Sei que era para ter ali por que vi em um vídeo de gameplay no YouTube( e nele teria aparecido. Será que em outra versão(sem ser a definitiva) estaria funcionando isso? Testei em ambas a versão em português e em inglês, e está o mesmo(com a única diferença que na em inglês aparece um cubo rosa no lugar). #smw{-_-} De resto, este hack está nota 10, muito bom mesmo! Parabéns aos desenvolvedores!
Posted by: Terrangineer - | Link
I have the "Definitive Version" and the Blue Switch room is empty. How do you get it to appear? I've replayed the level several times.
Posted by: TheComixMan - | Link
This is brilliant! Best mario hack i've played.

Love the level design, especially love the music. Loving playing this on my SFC
Posted by: stezo2k - | Link
Eu encontrei um bug na fase 4-1 em que, ao terminar a fase, você consegue, ao invés de 1 vida, 3 (e não me engano em alguma outra fase do mundo 7 isso funciona também, mas não me lembro qual). Segue o vídeo em que realizo o bug:
Posted by: Gh0st - | Link
Sarah Michelle Costa
Na descrição mostra 113 saídas, porém eu fiz 115. Creio que atualizaram na rom mas no site não
Posted by: Sarah Michelle Costa - | Link
un buen hack rom la pelea final contra bowser estuvo muy buena
Posted by: brium1 - | Link
PT/BR: Terminei o jogo, obtive todas as saídas (incluindo o mundo 9), fui até a fase chamada Ending, assisti a pequena cena e não sobem créditos nem nada. Será que essa versão Definitiva não tem Staff Roll?

ENG: I finished the game, got all the exits (including world 9), went to the stage called Ending, watched the little scene and no credits or anything. Doesn't this Definitive version have a Staff Roll?
Posted by: xRavenXP - | Link
E🅱️IC hack, Probably one Of The Best I've Played. 10/10#smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: Louizz - | Link
There's a few bugs here and there that don't really effect gameplay, and some of the message box text in the English version has some bad spelling and grammar issues, but I don't consider a language barrier in my ratings. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this one, and the level design was definitely on point. This gets brutally difficult in bonus levels, but fair, good hack, 4/5.
Posted by: quickdraw86 - | Link
JohnnyFuego20 - Thanks for the feedback man.
About the number of exits, it originally had 115 but when I updated
to the current version it was suposed to be 113, maybe I forgot 2 exits during the testing and didnt noticed.
I will do another playthorugh again and see if its really wrong, thanks for pointing out.
About the music I like to mix up between various sources, I usually get bored of only hearing Mario songs, this hack was originally made in 2012 so at the time I used more of Mario and DKC-esque music but later in my other hacks I started changing the music a lot.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
My son was watching YouTube vids on this romhack so I downloaded it and I decided to play through it; finished it in under a week (I have to work so I could not sit there and play all day like these youngsters).

That said, let's get down to it:

1. Gameplay: The game plays like basic SMW with the exception of that wall jump shit which takes a bit to get used to. For the most part the game is fun to play and quite challenging in certain place, however, there is a point in Bowser Jr's Fort in World 8 where the magikoopas come out and the game glitches out and all you see is garble on the screen. Please check that.

Other than that, I found that this was more of a SMB3 mashup with Mario World; the really cool level is "The Cool Submarine," kudos on the sprites used for that.

2. Music. I personally found the music spot for most of the game, with most of the game having a mix of DKC BGM. However, I have to say that some music is weak (the world 7 overworld music sounds like someone can start weeping over it). A+ for the Castlevania music in that ghost darkwoods level, the Legend of Zelda A link to the Past Darkworld music in a couple of the World 8 levels, and the DKC Fear Factory music in the factory stage. Other than that, please keep it Mario.

BTW, touching on the music subject, this hack has the SMB1 goal ending, SMB3 starman music, and SMB1 death sound.

3. Graphics: The levels were nicely made, but the only thing that broke it was the DKC barrels in world 7, it breaks the whole Mario look-and-feel.

4. Difficulty: The game, as I previously stated, is quite challening at times, but the problem I see is that it is nevertheless easy; there are those houses with powerups all over the map and if you fall into a pit you don't die inmediately. The real real difficult boss to beat is that Giant Beetle in Big Beetle's Fort in world 2: you get trapped on the corners and that thing will tear you up without a chance to escape. That fool took me a hours to pass. At least this hack does not have impossibilities that can only be passed using TAS tools.

Overall I give this hack an A+ for giving me a whole new challenging Mario adventure.

As a side note, the details say this hack has 113 exists but a post from another user claims 123, yet I only found 115 (I am a software engineer so I may have to decompile the patch and figure out what I missed that way).
Posted by: JohnnyFuego20 - | Link
Dom Marco
This hack is one of the most creative hacks that I played.
Posted by: Dom Marco - | Link
This is my review through the whole game. hope it means something.

Gameplay 9/10: not many bugs in my playthrough (all 123 exits.) but I did encounter in either the first fort or first castle were you get a fire flower, the item just floats in the air (it's two item blocks by the way. The second one is a coin I think) but other than that it's solid. Edit: i liked the stuff you had later in the game like new enemys and stuff.

Bosses: 9/10 I liked the BOSSES throughout the game but in the third fort (or 4th) there's a lakitu boss with 15 HP which in my opinion is too much. The Bowser boss fight though isa challenging and hard which i really like.

Level design: 10/10 maybe a little high but it's flawless in my opinion so far other than the length but it's no problem for Me. i also liked the Cool mehanics later in the hack especially the barrels in world 7.

Graphics: 9/10 considering it's originally started in 2012. It's a great graphical hack in my opinion.

Overall review: 9/10 5 stars great job dude

Sidenotes and questions:
1. Do I have to start all over with the new fix patch?
2. Great hack in my opinion

NOTE: Review and the sidenotes and questions will be updated and changed as I play.

Edit 1: I kinda Had to edit my bosses review do to the third boss being weaker than I originally thought. (3 health points instead of 5) (which I thought was the case) and removed a sidenote.

Edit 2: updated my boss review and rating and changed a bit of gameplay to state my progress.

Edit 3: finished my review and edited a bunch of columns (if you know what i mean.)
Posted by: Bh02032002 - | Link
Holy Shinx
Really good, World 9 is too hard for me, but powerups from bonus rooms make it more beatable, level design is awesome as a whole and i love it
5/5, only 2 changes i would make is making room 6 in bowser castle easier or 8 harder, and put midway before bowser, he is really strong, like over 15 health and flies all over the place
Posted by: Holy Shinx - | Link
Nice hack. 5/5 #lm{pal}
Posted by: PM-Faster - | Link
Posted by: ArtieLiu - | Link
Esse hack é muito bom e obrigado pela tradução em português
Posted by: Saitama - | Link
Very good vanilla hack, I'm happy to see those fixes finally fixed the game crash bug and other stuff.

Hopefully, you can get started on making bug fixes on Classic Mario World 2.
Posted by: Atomicatoms - | Link
fun hack
Posted by: blaze800000 - | Link
Very good, bandicoot.
Posted by: MateusCarvalho590 - | Link
thanks bandicoot. the 5-8-2019 version worked well.
hopefully this one will get published widely and out of the "waiting" section
Posted by: erpster2 - | Link
Okay, well, I really appreciate it back then when he released that hack.
5/5 my rating
Posted by: yygdrasil - | Link
Yes, I updated in 05-08-2019 to fix a bug with the ending screen crashing the game.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
is a news version?
Posted by: yygdrasil - | Link
Great <3
Posted by: peppebd - | Link
UPDATE 05-08-2019: Fixed the bug where the game takes you to the overworld map after the ending level.
I forgot to install the fix patch for it last time, please redownload the game.
@erpster2 - Thanks!
Its fixed now!
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
also this new version of CMW1 uses 32kb .srm save files which seem to also save extra lives, coins and score. older versions of CMW1 use 2kb save files which are not compatible with this recent version of the game. so users need to delete existing .srm save files and start fresh when playing the new version of CMW1.

edit 5/4: while the crash is fixed after viewing the ending, it goes to the world 1 overworld map screen instead of the world 8 overworld screen where the Ending level is located. so this new bug needs to be fixed in a newer version.
Posted by: erpster2 - | Link
@Danielsonic87 yep, i fixed the game crash that was the reason for removal last time and removed the original smw ending.
Posted by: bandicoot - | Link
Danielsonic 87
Updated version of the previous one, released some times ago, right?
Posted by: Danielsonic 87 - | Link

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