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Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals

Super Mario World Hacks → Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals

Submission Details

Name: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals
Author: bandicoot
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 113 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: While Mario and Peach visited Yoshi in dinosaur land Bowser found a new source of power known as the Magical crystals, these little small crystals have the power to make his owner stronger than ever, with this power at his hand Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach and all Yoshi's friends, with that Mario and Yoshi decides to go on an adventure to save them!

Note: The save file from the Savebase section wont work anymore with this version, because now the hack uses Expanded save sram patch.

Obs: Para os brasileiros estou incluindo uma versão em portugues da hack!
Tags: asm bosses gimmick music traditional vanilla
Comments: 73 (jump to comments)
4.7 (17 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (73)

AnkisethTheMonk Link
This isn't quite a vanilla hack. It has the patch that lets you bounce out of pits and take damage instead of dying, it has the janky walljumps, aimable fireballs, and a few other minor changes. One change that drove me nuts is you can't fireball a Chuck twice and bop him and he's dead, you have to fire all 6 fireballs/all 3 jumps every time.

The difficulty curve is smooth. It starts very easy, there's a Yoshi in the Yoshi house at the start. There's also a bonus level in every world that acts like Top Secret Area, plus has all 4 Yoshis (gated by exit count) and a reserve star. This reserve star trivializes even the hardest stages, everything in the game except for Bowser. Some of the stages in world 9 without it, I can't imagine.

There are some really cool things in this hack. It has a complicated overworld which I'd guess most people hate, but I love Jump/Jump 1/2 and there's a kind of mystery with exploring so many paths at once. In the end all paths are just shortcuts between worlds but still. I enjoyed a lot of levels in this hack. By far my favorite was The Cool Submarine. I love the Super Mario Land submarine but I've never seen it in a non-autoscroller, that was awesome. There were also some things I hated. Choco Ghost House having veeeery slightly different shades of tiles you can walk through was frustrating. Some levels had backgrounds and foregrounds blend together. It was bad in nearly every mushroom-themed stage. Very frustrating to jump for a platform only to realize it's background and you yeet into a pit. The worst offender by far was Sky Railroad. The secret exit in Hill Platform Peril imo was kind of BS; you have to
ride a random platform in a level of platforms as it falls with no indicator, and the keyhole is floating in midair. Maybe I just missed the indicator

From what I've played so far, SMW The Princess Rescue 2 is bandicoot's best hack. This isn't super far behind.

It took about 6.5 hours to complete. Video of my playthrough:
dnfcxs Link
Olá, nao sei como vencer o chefão da fase (sky fire fortress). Preciso de uma dica do que tenho que fazer.
jBL00D Link
This is a wonderful hack. Since wall kicks/jumps were introduced in hack I would have liked to see it more in the game. Many areas with vines or invisible blocks to higher areas could have easily used the wall jumps instead. Sadly I didnt find any levels which REQUIRED wall jumps.

Another critique is that there were some levels that had too much troll elements like doors that go back to the start of the level.

After beating World 9 a new path revealed but cannot be reached also no yellow/red dot. I reset the game and there is actualy 114 exits. So I guess I'm done.

Overall I give this hack 4/5
AntonioDosGames Link
Essa hack tá no meu top 10, eu adorei esse hack, apesar de ter alguns problemas, mas eu entendo, porque é um dos seus primeiros hacks, apesar de alguns tropeços, vou dar 5 estrelas porque ficou incrível, com uma dificuldade gostosa de jogar.
stormflowermario Link
umas das melhores hacks q joguei, vou jogar as outras 2
Terrangineer Link
Olá para todos! Estou aqui só para reportar um bug que achei na quinta fase do mundo 2, de nome "Blurp Fish Cavelake". Não sei se alguém aqui achou o mesmo problema, ou por qual razão aconteceu, mas a chave desse estágio não aparece em cima dos blocos que surgem quando aperto o "P". Sei que era para ter ali por que vi em um vídeo de gameplay no YouTube( e nele teria aparecido. Será que em outra versão(sem ser a definitiva) estaria funcionando isso? Testei em ambas a versão em português e em inglês, e está o mesmo(com a única diferença que na em inglês aparece um cubo rosa no lugar). #smw{-_-} De resto, este hack está nota 10, muito bom mesmo! Parabéns aos desenvolvedores!
TheComixMan Link
I have the "Definitive Version" and the Blue Switch room is empty. How do you get it to appear? I've replayed the level several times.
stezo2k Link
This is brilliant! Best mario hack i've played.

Love the level design, especially love the music. Loving playing this on my SFC
Gh0st Link
Eu encontrei um bug na fase 4-1 em que, ao terminar a fase, você consegue, ao invés de 1 vida, 3 (e não me engano em alguma outra fase do mundo 7 isso funciona também, mas não me lembro qual). Segue o vídeo em que realizo o bug:
Sarah Michelle Costa Link
Na descrição mostra 113 saídas, porém eu fiz 115. Creio que atualizaram na rom mas no site não
brium1 Link
un buen hack rom la pelea final contra bowser estuvo muy buena
xRavenXP Link
PT/BR: Terminei o jogo, obtive todas as saídas (incluindo o mundo 9), fui até a fase chamada Ending, assisti a pequena cena e não sobem créditos nem nada. Será que essa versão Definitiva não tem Staff Roll?

ENG: I finished the game, got all the exits (including world 9), went to the stage called Ending, watched the little scene and no credits or anything. Doesn't this Definitive version have a Staff Roll?
Louizz Link
E🅱️IC hack, Probably one Of The Best I've Played. 10/10#smw{:TUP:}
quickdraw86 Link
There's a few bugs here and there that don't really effect gameplay, and some of the message box text in the English version has some bad spelling and grammar issues, but I don't consider a language barrier in my ratings. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this one, and the level design was definitely on point. This gets brutally difficult in bonus levels, but fair, good hack, 4/5.
bandicoot Author Link
JohnnyFuego20 - Thanks for the feedback man.
About the number of exits, it originally had 115 but when I updated
to the current version it was suposed to be 113, maybe I forgot 2 exits during the testing and didnt noticed.
I will do another playthorugh again and see if its really wrong, thanks for pointing out.
About the music I like to mix up between various sources, I usually get bored of only hearing Mario songs, this hack was originally made in 2012 so at the time I used more of Mario and DKC-esque music but later in my other hacks I started changing the music a lot.
JohnnyFuego20 Link
My son was watching YouTube vids on this romhack so I downloaded it and I decided to play through it; finished it in under a week (I have to work so I could not sit there and play all day like these youngsters).

That said, let's get down to it:

1. Gameplay: The game plays like basic SMW with the exception of that wall jump shit which takes a bit to get used to. For the most part the game is fun to play and quite challenging in certain place, however, there is a point in Bowser Jr's Fort in World 8 where the magikoopas come out and the game glitches out and all you see is garble on the screen. Please check that.

Other than that, I found that this was more of a SMB3 mashup with Mario World; the really cool level is "The Cool Submarine," kudos on the sprites used for that.

2. Music. I personally found the music spot for most of the game, with most of the game having a mix of DKC BGM. However, I have to say that some music is weak (the world 7 overworld music sounds like someone can start weeping over it). A+ for the Castlevania music in that ghost darkwoods level, the Legend of Zelda A link to the Past Darkworld music in a couple of the World 8 levels, and the DKC Fear Factory music in the factory stage. Other than that, please keep it Mario.

BTW, touching on the music subject, this hack has the SMB1 goal ending, SMB3 starman music, and SMB1 death sound.

3. Graphics: The levels were nicely made, but the only thing that broke it was the DKC barrels in world 7, it breaks the whole Mario look-and-feel.

4. Difficulty: The game, as I previously stated, is quite challening at times, but the problem I see is that it is nevertheless easy; there are those houses with powerups all over the map and if you fall into a pit you don't die inmediately. The real real difficult boss to beat is that Giant Beetle in Big Beetle's Fort in world 2: you get trapped on the corners and that thing will tear you up without a chance to escape. That fool took me a hours to pass. At least this hack does not have impossibilities that can only be passed using TAS tools.

Overall I give this hack an A+ for giving me a whole new challenging Mario adventure.

As a side note, the details say this hack has 113 exists but a post from another user claims 123, yet I only found 115 (I am a software engineer so I may have to decompile the patch and figure out what I missed that way).
Dom Marco Link
This hack is one of the most creative hacks that I played.
Bh02032002 Link
This is my review through the whole game. hope it means something.

Gameplay 9/10: not many bugs in my playthrough (all 123 exits.) but I did encounter in either the first fort or first castle were you get a fire flower, the item just floats in the air (it's two item blocks by the way. The second one is a coin I think) but other than that it's solid. Edit: i liked the stuff you had later in the game like new enemys and stuff.

Bosses: 9/10 I liked the BOSSES throughout the game but in the third fort (or 4th) there's a lakitu boss with 15 HP which in my opinion is too much. The Bowser boss fight though isa challenging and hard which i really like.

Level design: 10/10 maybe a little high but it's flawless in my opinion so far other than the length but it's no problem for Me. i also liked the Cool mehanics later in the hack especially the barrels in world 7.

Graphics: 9/10 considering it's originally started in 2012. It's a great graphical hack in my opinion.

Overall review: 9/10 5 stars great job dude

Sidenotes and questions:
1. Do I have to start all over with the new fix patch?
2. Great hack in my opinion

NOTE: Review and the sidenotes and questions will be updated and changed as I play.

Edit 1: I kinda Had to edit my bosses review do to the third boss being weaker than I originally thought. (3 health points instead of 5) (which I thought was the case) and removed a sidenote.

Edit 2: updated my boss review and rating and changed a bit of gameplay to state my progress.

Edit 3: finished my review and edited a bunch of columns (if you know what i mean.)
Holy Shinx Link
Really good, World 9 is too hard for me, but powerups from bonus rooms make it more beatable, level design is awesome as a whole and i love it
5/5, only 2 changes i would make is making room 6 in bowser castle easier or 8 harder, and put midway before bowser, he is really strong, like over 15 health and flies all over the place
PM-Faster Link
Nice hack. 5/5 #lm{pal}
ArtieLiu Link
Saitama Link
Esse hack é muito bom e obrigado pela tradução em português
Atomicatoms Link
Very good vanilla hack, I'm happy to see those fixes finally fixed the game crash bug and other stuff.

Hopefully, you can get started on making bug fixes on Classic Mario World 2.
blaze800000 Link
fun hack
MateusCarvalho590 Link
Very good, bandicoot.
erpster2 Link
thanks bandicoot. the 5-8-2019 version worked well.
hopefully this one will get published widely and out of the "waiting" section
yygdrasil Link
Okay, well, I really appreciate it back then when he released that hack.
5/5 my rating
bandicoot Author Link
Yes, I updated in 05-08-2019 to fix a bug with the ending screen crashing the game.
yygdrasil Link
is a news version?
peppebd Link
Great <3
bandicoot Author Link
UPDATE 05-08-2019: Fixed the bug where the game takes you to the overworld map after the ending level.
I forgot to install the fix patch for it last time, please redownload the game.
@erpster2 - Thanks!
Its fixed now!
erpster2 Link
also this new version of CMW1 uses 32kb .srm save files which seem to also save extra lives, coins and score. older versions of CMW1 use 2kb save files which are not compatible with this recent version of the game. so users need to delete existing .srm save files and start fresh when playing the new version of CMW1.

edit 5/4: while the crash is fixed after viewing the ending, it goes to the world 1 overworld map screen instead of the world 8 overworld screen where the Ending level is located. so this new bug needs to be fixed in a newer version.
bandicoot Author Link
@Danielsonic87 yep, i fixed the game crash that was the reason for removal last time and removed the original smw ending.
Danielsonic 87 Link
Updated version of the previous one, released some times ago, right?
erpster2 From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Originally posted by Mechanical koopa
when i try to apply any of the series to my clean smw roms, floating ips says the mod is not made for my game. what do I do?

try another clean USA SMW ROM from a different source.
I can apply the English CMW1 IPS with Floating IPS onto a proper US SMW ROM on my end and it was patched successfully
Mechanical koopa From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
when i try to apply any of the series to my clean smw roms, floating ips says the mod is not made for my game. what do I do?
NatsuFireball From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
A wonderful ans very interesting hack ! It is mostly vanilla but has some nice ASM hacks, such as bullet bills aiming at you and custom bosses.

Thanks to the numerous bonus houses, it is beatable without using savestates. Indeed, game comes very hard to the end, especially world 9, and a star comes in help at this time !

The last bosses (green Bowser in world 8 and red Bowser in world 9) are very hard but you put enough power-ups to eventually beat them. You paid attention to that throughout the game by putting numerous midway points and power-ups, making this game a hard but fair one =]

Just to say, I have found 114 exits in total instead of the 113 given in the description, maybe you missed one in the total ?

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much for this great game =]

@Splatter64,Elvis1991 : You have to find the secret exit in Choco Ghost House to get to a star that connects to this pipe. It is a shortcut from world 3 to 6.

Manperson From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
AMAZING rom hack i loved playing it, i 100% it and it took me an entire weekend. the only level i didnt like was... well choco ghost house, but the moon there was helpful when i needed lives ( you could get to 99 in under 5 minutes)
Justin_Rennhack From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
I am doing a stream series of this romhack on Twitch. As of this comment, I have completed two worlds. Very solid so far.
Splatter64 From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Can't get to

Please help
Teddyloid From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
I'm playing your hack right now, and i think it's pretty cool, thanks bro, it's good to play one of my favourite games with new design.
Yuzu From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Santa Mario Bros.
I dont know what
TomsMostHammed From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Elvis, theres actually a secret exit on world 5 2 way factory.
TomsMostHammed From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
@djb They are probably wrong, this hack is great.
nesmanstudio From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
its my favorite Rom Hack from Mario world, perfect!
and i can play this game on SNEmulDS (emulator on DS) thinks!
djb1024 From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
I know a lot of people said this is a boring hack, but I enjoy this hack quite a bit and love the mostly vanilla design. I especially liked some of the music choices. (Crash 2's Totally Fly music for the dark jungle level! Yes!) However, I found myself running out of time quite often; some of these levels are darn near impossible without resuming at the midway gate.
bandicoot Author From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
New version submited fixing some bugs and issues pointed by you guys, thank you for the feedback and for playing my hack. :D
bandicoot Author From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Elvis1991 - You need to find a secret exit in the ship level on World 4 to get to this pipe, maybe that's the last exit you need to find.
Elvis1991 From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link

I found 112 exits , and i can't go to this pipe , can someone help me here ?
kukumi7 From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
I have really enjoyed this hack so far. I see some people saying its boring and has bad level design, and although there are some levels that could use some work, but overall I think they were all very fun and unique. The use of secret exits made this feel almost like a modern Mario game and gave you this feeling of adventure. However, I do wish the map was a little more dynamic, as I find myself often getting lost in the over world map. One other thing Id like to see changed is some of the boss fights, more specificaly the beetle and lava worm fights. They are extremely un-intuitive, in fact i had to look online for how to beat the beetle, and i'm still stuck on the lava worm! Other than that, great hack with good levels and a fun, modern mario concept.

edit: nvm about the lava snake worm thing, I'm just dumb. but please, PLEASE make his hitbox bigger! its impossible to hit him!
erpster2 From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
bandicoot, I found another bug in CMW1.

After completing the Cheep Cheep Island level for the first time (which is 2 levels after Castle #3), the game makes a "switch pressed effect sound" and prevents re-entering the Yellow Switch Palace level [aka. Spiny Road (!)] in world 1. I can no longer re-enter the Spiny Road level after beating the Cheep Cheep Island level [the yellow switch on the OW map of world 1 looks as if the switch was pressed]. try to fix this one.

Maybe also offer a CMW2 in updated bps patch format.
erpster2 From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link

The "broken" exit in Two-Ways Factory level is working in this release. It's just that it doesn't make Mario move on the OW map after beating the level taking the normal exit to the right; also when touching the goal post, you have to wait at least 15 seconds for the game to recover. bandicoot could improve it by making Mario move backwards to the previous level on the OW map after completing the level through the normal exit.

Edit 4/29: bandicoot posted an updated version of CMW1 on 4/23 that's waiting to be moderated:
this new one does contain the updated fix for the Two-Ways Factory level; he changed the "right" path from a goalpost to a keyhole exit that moves Mario backwards in the OW map.

Certainly the Choco Ghost House level is questionable and a 3up moon place there is unnecessary.
MarioFan22 From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
I'm not really a fan of foreground objects being used in the background. I find it a bit confusing.
 Lazy From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Gotta be honest, this was really boring to play. None of the levels made me feel any sort of excitement. Having to constantly search for worthless secret exits didn't help either. Some levels had very questionable level design, the biggest offenders being CHOCO GHOST HOUSE and EXTREME ICE LAND. I'm not going to go into detail about what's wrong with these levels, but in the future, please get competent beta testers to play your hack before submitting it to avoid these design faults.
You also might want to fix the broken exit to the right in TWO-WAYS FACTORY.

also nice credits
mjbg From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
ive just reached world 7 but i have to say im loving it.

levels are very entertaining and even though i cant say they are hard they have just the right amount of challenge to make it enjoyable to average players like me.
Bosses are on the harder side of the hack.. and sometimes it got frustrating either because i thought they were too hard or because i wasnt sure what to do to kill them for some time.

i was kind of annoyed by the sounds/music.. specially at the end of levels..

anyway i give it a 5/5.. and i will sure play the other 2 hacks following this one
h.carrell From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
niko From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Saw some levels from super stiviboys gameplay 'Walkthrough' and i must say: Yeah, this hack is not THE BEST HACK EVER MADE, but 1/5 Wakana? Thats too harsh imo.

I know, i comment to this reeeeeeeaaalllyyyy fast.
VegetaIsTheBomb From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
I have to say that this game was really fun to play. At no point did I feel that the levels were the same in anyway. But here are my thoughts on your game as well as my ranking on this out of 50.

Story 1.5/10

The story is about the Magical Crystals, but my big deal with this is that they are only mentioned 3 different times. Once in the opening of the game saying about the legend being true and twice at the end. I feel that you could of gone more into detail with them through out the game through text boxes. Other then that it just feels like any other Mario story. Save Yoshi's friends and save the Princess.

Level Design 9/10

The levels were really fun as well as themed according to the world you were in. I really enjoyed that idea as well as the whole custom map of the over world. I loved seeing what area I was going into next as well as being prepared to deal with the element of those levels. Plus not only that you can make your own path. You can go from World 1 to 4 to 8 and beat the game fast if you would like. Plus you also hid the Switch Palaces really well and made it worth finding them to find out what secrets you could get with them through out the game as it continued. I liked the idea as well of getting rid of Yoshi at the start of a stage in some areas or even half way through the level to add more challenge to the level and make it to where you don't have that extra hit or even to sacrifice him to make it to a platform you couldn't reach. The music as well was really well placed. Have icy themes in the snow levels to Castlevania music in the Ghost Houses to give them that spooky feel were great choices. All the levels were original in their own way and they were a lot of fun to play through. And levels go harder as you went along your adventure which added the idea of getting closer to the ending and reaching your ultimate goal. There are only two stages that I can think of that were a little bit of a pain to deal with and that was the Mine Cart levels. They felt a little unfair due to the fact that if you even just hit the wall it was over instead of just taking a hit and moving on by having a platform under them. Yeah I understand if you wrecked in a mine cart at that speed it would kill you but it's Mario. Plus the ice levels at some points go a little carried away with having to make a run across small platforms and the littlest mistake would just kill you out right.

Game Play 7/10

It played like a normal Mario game but with addition of wall jumping which I really enjoyed because it saved my bacon more times then I could count. The submarine in some of the levels was a lot of fun too but the only issue I have with it is if there are to many enemies on screen you can not shoot any torpedoes and if you are shooting to many torpedoes no enemies will spawn making the level really easy to pass trough. I liked the barrels in some of the levels as well having to use them to cross gaps in levels or get past lava.

Enemies 10/10

All of the enemies I saw through out the game were really great. Like the Fire Kamek or even the custom shark sprites you put in as well as a lot of enemies from Mario Bros.3 were area really nice sight to see and even a lot of fun to deal with in some of the later stages. Plus the placements of them were never really any problem to get past or made it to where it was impossible to progress through the levels.

Bosses 9/10

I loved every single boss fight in this game. Except one and that was the Rat from Mario Bros. 2. His fight was really annoying due to the fact you have to time your bomb throws that he throws at you back at him while trying to avoid taking a hit from electric walls that are going back and forth through the fight. I loved all the custom sprites added in to the game to make the boss fights even more fun and no boss felt the same.

Completion Bonus +8

All the bonus stages that you play after beating the main game were a lot of fun as well as challenging in their own ways. But that final stage was over the top. The stage would of been fine enough with out the Kameks chasing you through the stage. The stage had enough to deal with and made it challenging enough with out them. And on top of that I played the whole game through with out save states and believe me that final stage was close enough to making me break down and using them.

Final Score 43.5/50

I really loved this game and can not wait to play the other two games. Really great job and keep up the work.
VegetaIsTheBomb From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
I'm not sure if you are keeping up on updating this Romhack. But I did find a bug in, the level World 8 Eruption. where at the end of the stage if you enter the pipe too early it will generate a glitched bonus stage (Kill Room) where you can't escape.
ForthRightMC From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
After I used AddmusicK on your 2nd part of CMW trilogy, I felt really shocked and I changed some of music. I'm sure I'll get ready for Music Remake of 1st part, I think.
Thrakk From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
edit -wrong rom I just commented on
AbdullahRowe From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
bandicoot Author From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Hello Guys,thanks for accept the hack Wakana :)
I know the level design isn't the best,this one was my first hack ever,I built this one 3 years ago and I was a begginer on SMWHacking,so I recognize that I commit many mistakes on the design of this hack.
I re-uploaded CMW1 and 2 now just to fix the bugs that was annoying some players on these hacks.

Darken - The sprites is Super Mario Land Marine Pop,you can find here:
darken From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Hey man. Nice hack, but I want to ask you: What is the sprite name of the submarine?
 Wakana From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Well, this felt neverending. I still had to go trough all of it and check that each level worked on accurate emulators, since the sequel of this had problems with it. Luckily, there are no breaks, but some of the musics make a loud noise before playing, due to echo issues.
Other than this, I didn't play the previous version, so I don't know if in this new version you adjusted only a few palettes around. If I was you, I'd actually rework the design, since it's extremly linear and samey. I didn't like it, it felt like the aim was to fill as many screen as possible in each level. Not saying that it's a totally wrong approach, but due to this, every level has samey sections repeated multiple times, boring to go trough. Not to mention, you even had custom gimmick which you didn't use fully, if not at all. The brightest example I can make is the wall jump: there's litterally no use of it, none of your levels had an actual use of the wall jump gimmick... well, not counting that you can use it to prevent life losses in pits.
For your next hacks, I'd really suggest to read this level design tutorial, it has many useful tips that could improve your design.
Back to the hack, I also spotted a few errors:
- The sixth castle has this happening. The generator there is tricky to use, make sure it doesn't mess like this, since it's not good to see.
- Lovely course clear screen in the level which checks if you have all the switches pressed. Not major, but it can be fixed easily, and I highly suggest you to do so.
- Notice the lives in the screens also. You should somehow prevent the player to gain 1-UPs from stars, since I can easily farm lives in any level.

NatsuFireball From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Hello Bandicoot,

Good job again, very pleasant hack with a lot of new stuff and cool ASM hacks.

I could figure out to find all the 115 exits without using savestates, but some levels were very hard and absolutely needed the star. However, I couldn't beat the final level, castle 9, as there is too much slowness due to the abuse of sprites, which doesn't make me able to play normally.

There are some glitches, for example 2 levels where some barrels lead you to a bonus level stage from which you can't escape and so you have to wait for time up. However, entering the pipe with a timer under 200 seems OK and leads to correct place.

Bosses and overworld were very well designed, and the 2 or 3 midway points into castles are VERY enjoyable for those who play without states ^.^

I'll give you 9/10 and 5 stars for global work, thanks a lot man !


xjakku From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Level design varies a lot, sometimes it's decent, sometimes it's bad. The general vibe I get throughout this whole hack is how untested it feels. There's questionable design decisions and a lot of places where you can get stuck in walls while looking for a secret by going above the screen. Looks like a nice place to hide something, but no.

There's a wall jumping mechanic in this game (that breaks with the cape, by the way) that is not used at all. There's not a single place in the hack where it's used as part of the level design. Rather, it can get you places where you're not supposed to go.

There's a few really interesting levels with some neat ideas, but overall the design is pretty simple with a very SMW-like flow. The difficulty curve is a bit all over the place but nothing really wrong with that I suppose. Mostly vanilla graphics with custom backgrounds that really messes with you, there's sometimes no way to tell if a platform is part of the FG or BG when you enter a new level. That's always nice.

The most interesting thing is that you can beat the yellow and green switch palaces via a goal tape instead of hitting the switch. How nice, I thought, I can activate the exit without hitting the switch, that will make the hack more challenging and I can still clear all the exits. Well... Turns out you need all the switches pressed to reach the special world. Luckily, some tight flying with a cape can get you there anyways...

The overworld is probably the best thing about this hack, it's overall pretty neat looking and interesting. The only weird thing being star -> pipe transitions.

As for everything else.
Pretty good selection of music, however some of the songs fuck up the jumping sounds which I find really annoying.

Bowser can decide to jump up and get stuck in the air and just scale upwards without you being able to reach him. Thus you die by time up.

The P-switch block crashes the game if a sprite touches it which is pretty cool.

Level design rating: 1.5/5
Unless you have nothing else, go play another hack.
Aurel509 From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
I rather liked this hack in all but some levels are quite boring
Others are too easy and some too hard, your hack could be better on some places, I take for example pallets some are excellent, but others are not pretty nice.
There is sometimes some slowdowns rather unpleasant. I could cite the levels because there is too much.
In regards to the level design is not bad! We want to continue but some are poorly exploited.

Late your hack this complicated pretty quickly, so I have not very apreciated but the level design was good I is not much has say

What I find useless, it would be the walljumps because there were so small that if you fall in a hole you have only about 10% of chance to succeed.

Finally if this hack is good, I enjoyed the most part
Good luck for you next, Bandicoot ^^

Rating: 7/10 = 3 Stars
BigGorrack18 From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
I give it a 7.5/10 it's a great hack but a few things need tweaking. Like the vine jumping and maybe a few grammar corrections.
bandicoot Author From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
I checked the file ips I sent here in some computers , and nothing happened are you sure he may have generated some virus ?
TATAndrew From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
excuse me a under water ship hows that vannia
MercuryPenny From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Just an IPS in the .zip. You sure it wasn't something else?
dahnamics From older version: Classic Mario World: The Magical Crystals Link
Does this have a virus? It completely destroyed a computer of mine. Otherwise great hack