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Song Title


    Ribbit King - Lavatron 3

    SMW Music → Ribbit King - Lavatron 3

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    Comments (4)

    goldenrules Link
    well done!
    Nicoke42 Link
    I can listen to this song for an hour straight, very nice work.
    Ultima Link
    huh, interesting to see more works by Yusuke Takahama that isn't Super Smash Bros. related lmao

    I listened to the original track btw, and indeed, it's really impressive how accurate this is, especially considering the fact it's a from a console that's, like, two generations ahead of the SNES lmao; honestly curious if the original actually uses samples as well, and how did you manage to rip them for this port haha
     idol Link
    one of my favorite ports ever. grew up with this game and am floored by the sheer quality of this. love it!!