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All Switch Blocks Have Powerups v1.3

SMW Patches → All Switch Blocks Have Powerups v1.3

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Hayashi Neru Link
This patch is not superfluous. Because instead of using this patch, if you change Map16 of the blue switch block to '121' or apply a custom block to the red switch block, the item will come out from the wooden crate's bottom tile (object number: 31) of the haunted house. Of course, as long as you don't use that object, it doesn't matter.
Francium Link
It would have been even better if this was something that allowed you to select any sprite. Flower and star can be easily produced by editing Map16.
Vash the fairytail Link
Is it possible to put out the items used in the custom power-up of LX5 with this switch block?
Blizzard Buffalo Link
Is this compatible with Custom Powerups Patch? Like... I want to change the Blue Block content for the bell for example.
Galeth Link
The bounce sprites are still yellow. Literally unplayable.

PS: this patch deserves to be featured.
succo Link
Wahey! If you don't want to use the Custom Bounce Blocks patch you can just set the blue block's bounce value to $AF and the red's value to $35. These are values outside of the normal range that coincidentally use the right tiles and palettes, they don't seem to bug anything else out.
 MarioFanGamer Link
Originally posted by imamelia
The images show the wrong bounce sprites for the blocks. That should be fixed, at least in a future update.

The new !-blocks used to set the palette correctly but with Custom Bounce Blocks you can create a custom bounce block with the correct palette. Which is obviously a stupid reason.
gamerjohn1991 Link
This is something that Nintendo could've considered about 28 years ago.
 Major Flare Link
Tested with: Asar 1.71, ZMZ 1.08, LM 3.03 and SA-1 1.31.

Worked fine. Accepted.
 imamelia Link
The images show the wrong bounce sprites for the blocks. That should be fixed, at least in a future update.
 Ayami Link
Remoderated patch. Actually I didn't do anything (besides the gifs :P), it was LX5 who made the conversion and tried to teach me how the Bullshit™ needed for this patch works (it's not the common way to set/find freespace... or something like that).
juaneergameer From older version: All Switch Blocks Have Powerups v1.2 Link
like smbx!