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    Mario Kart DS - SNES Mario Circuit 1

    SMW Music → Mario Kart DS - SNES Mario Circuit 1

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    Comments (5)

    MilkyMooer Link
    I like it, not a full 5 stars due to it sounding off. 4 stars.
    Dark Mario Bros Link
    sounds good, the whistles feels a little off, but other than that, the rest sounds pretty good
    IronFoxGaming Link
    Mostly just sounds like the original SNES version honestly
    Exodust Author Link
    I only tried to be accurate to the DS version, which in total picture I prefer over the SNES version, mostly because of the bass. I could've done well to combine the best of both worlds though, so you got a point... Thanks #fim{O:)}
     LadiesMan217 Link
    The synth brass is missing vibrato, aside from that, sounds on point. It would've been better to port from the actual SPC though since the samples are much brighter.