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Yoshi's island Crumbling block

SMW Blocks → Yoshi's island Crumbling block

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Ice Man Link
Agree. This does not spawn the proper tiles at all.
EDIT:This block does work properly but only when placing the tiles in even map16 slots for some reason.
Slots: 00,20,40,60,80,A0,C0,E0 work.
Slots: 10,30,50,70,90,B0,D0,F0 do not work.
meatloaf Link
This does not seem to work properly with the LM 3.x+ extra level sizes -- it doesn't spawn the correct blocks.
7 up Link
Reminds me of Gemini Man's stage from Mega Man 3.
 Ayami Link
It's just me or the blocks seems to work properly only when they are in an even row? (00-0F, 20-2F, 40-4F, etc.) In my end, odd rows (10-1F, 30-3F, etc.) reproduce the wrong blocks.
Still a very awesome block, thank you so much for this!
chineesmw Link
Looks great!
 Kevin Link
Tested with: LM 3.03, GPS 1.41, SA-1 1.31, Snes9x 1.57.
Very nice blocks that break by hitting them with cape, Mario's head or by throwing a sprite at them. I only fixed the list.txt and added a readme on how to insert them properly.
If you want to make an update, it would be nice to have them break by spin jumping (maybe only with big Mario), and add layer 2 support.
Klug Link
Does it work with the Spin Jump or not? 🤔
HammerBrother Link
Gif please?