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One Mind

UberASM Repository → One Mind

Submission Details

Name: One Mind
Author: badummzi
Type: Game Mode
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This ASM switches randomly between the current players (in-game), while also warning them with sound effects, before that happens. It can be inserted into nearly every hack, with no previous UberASM-Gamemode on it. (Sa-1 Works!)
It is meant to be inserted into an already existing hack, but if you're a creator and want to build anything around this, go for it ;)

It was highly inspired by dotsarecool's 'SMW One Mind' and also uses the same sound effects. (default)

Refer to readme.txt on how to insert it and for further information ;)

I made it highly customizably, so that multiple things can be changed (Sound effects, etc.)

This ASM is just for fun and is meant for two players and two controllers. (How would you even play it with one? ;) )

Edit: Corrected a freeram-adress and also changed the purpose of fix.asm ;)

I hope you have fun with it!

Tags: code lorom player sa-1
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Comments (5)

 Major Flare Link
Tested with: Lunar Magic 3.04, ZMZ 1.08, UberASMTool 1.4 (with Asar 1.71) and SA-1 1.32.

Aside of some minor optimizations, everything is in order. A nice code for a troll hack, I believe.
 Hooded Edge Link
Damn you and your trolls!

Otherwise, very cool patch! #smw{:TUP:}
badummzi Author Link
Thanks @Darkbloom ;)
@westslasher2 Changed it to Gamemode 0E ;)
Vivian Darkbloom Link
This is hilarious and horrible and I love it.
westslasher2 Link
Instead of having the fix.asm run on each individual submap, I would suggest using Gamemode 0E instead which runs every frame on all overworld maps. (I would also suggest letting the user know where to insert the asm at the top of the file.)