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    Pac Attack - Ending Theme

    SMW Music → Pac Attack - Ending Theme

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    Masked Man Link
    Fun fact: This song was reused (albeit without the echo and with different instruments) in Cosmo Gang: The Puzzle.
     LadiesMan217 Link
    This is a pretty solid build to start off on, it does however still need some fixing. First thing's first, your global volume is louder than the original's, it should be w216. The first notes on channel 2 and 3 should be panned opposite to the 2nd and onward notes of those channels (you have the main pan but forgot that it's initially flipped). The volume of the hats are inccorect (too loud), the last note of the pattern should be the highest but then it goes back down again. The celesta on channel 7 should be using q7c instead of q7d and the one on channel 8 should be at v225 q74. The ADSR of bass, pianos, and celesta are incorrect, double check those. These were the main inaccuracies I found but more may still linger. Double check the volume levels on the SPC Player to ensure you have the volume and pannings correct as well as the ADSR values. Don't forgot to match the echo volumes as well. The original's master volume is 60 and SMW's is 7f, so the echo volume on your port should be 27. This wasn't rejected because imo the song in general still sounds like the original and was mixed well for the most part aside from the above mentions. I look forward to an update (please refrain from using tags outside of the official tag list)!