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Super Slim World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Slim World

Submission Details

Name: Super Slim World
Author: duders
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 18 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Hello and welcome to Super Slim World! This is a short easy kaizo hack with extremely fair checkpoints, simple mechanics, and lots of shell jumps. It provides a decent challenge to newer kaizo players while being just good fun to the more experienced. Being new to kaizo myself, I wanted to create a hack that I could comfortably finish while utilizing the kaizo mechanics I enjoy.

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it!

(Patch notes and song list included in zip file of version 1.5)

Now Featuring:
13 Fun & exciting levels
2 Secret Exits
3 Gauntlet Levels to really test your skills!
Tags: exgfx music traditional
Comments: 22 (jump to comments)
5.0 (5 ratings)
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Comments (22)

callmedoor Link
Great hack. Good tricks and fair enough kaizo blocks (even if they weren't indicated they'd be good still).

Super slowdown in the Palace of Darkness, but you can move past it pretty easily.

I enjoyed a lot of the P-speed tricks and I generally do not care for them so that is saying a lot.

Great job. I look forward to your other stuff.
jquery861 Link
Hi duders! Thanks for this amazing hack, I enjoyed it from start to end. It's actually very fun and it's in my favorite list :)
Overcommon7 Link
Great Hack would recommend to people who are starting to get good at Kaizo Light hacks. Could be for skilled beginners.
Superkriko Link
Amazing hack man! Thanks for sharing!#smrpg{:O}
Panther-T Link
Holy Shinx Link
i would not call it fair (pretty high amount of non telegraphed kaizo block) but overall i liked it, thank you for making it
StacheAttack Link
Very fun! Thank you Duders!
NeXuS15 Link
There are some minor graphical issues and palace of darkness has some slow down problems, but overall really fun hack.
om_nomnom From older version: Super Slim World Link
Super fun hack, it was my 3rd or 4th to complete (I'm losing track). I enjoyed the bright, fair levels. After finishing this hack I decided stop looking for the easy hacks and move into deeper waters. Which is a nice feeling.

I see a lot of hate for West's Crazy Castle, so I'd like to express my love for that level as a novice kaizo player. Yes, it's a level based entirely around shell tricks. But it is an excellent intro to more complex shell tech- VERY fair with checkpoints after each sequence, the longest of which is (I think) 6 shells. I've always loved watching streamers on crazy shell level, but most of them are absolutely brutal. Even Shell's Retriever, the newer shell hack that's designed to be easier than the others out there, is pretty freakin tough. There was a learning curve, and I died plenty, but making steady progress through the five rooms, with each completed room a checkpoint, made figuring out the tech fun rather than frustrating or demoralizing. Not to mention feeling like a complete bad ass after finally completing that last room. In my opinion, it's an excellent fit for this hack, lots of fun, and challenging without being crushingly brutal.

And if you absolutely hate shell tech it's one level that's completely doable, you'll get over it.
Kvarforth From older version: Super Slim World Link
Edit: I cant read.

Great hack thanks, just started it, my 2nd proper hack after learn 2 Kaizo.
Svorass From older version: Super Slim World Link
In Super Slim World, Duders shows us his love of SMRPG music and holding down the B button. While some of his levels are more questionable (West's Crazy Castle) than others, overall this is absolutely worth playing through. Just keep a couple of drinks on hand.
NeXuS15 From older version: Super Slim World Link
Pretty good and fun Hack to play. If you decide to update this in the future, here are some of the things i noticed.

Weird Midway
Blue Switch 1
Blue Switch 2
Darkness Switch 1
Darkness Switch 2
Little cutoff here
SkeptisTrader From older version: Super Slim World Link
update! #fim{:D}
requiredyump From older version: Super Slim World Link
This is a wonderful game that both new and experienced players will enjoy. The custom graphics are cool, and the choice of music is rather neat —albeit sometimes feeling a little out of place. There are a few tricks/sections that I did not like, but they are so few that I ignore them in my review. This is a fun game that really can be played by anyone who has played SMW.
Darkanine From older version: Super Slim World Link
This was my 2nd kaizo SMW hack and I really enjoyed it. There are some rough parts and frustrating tricks, but nothing jumped out as unfair, and everything is learnable. There are some places where QOL fixes would be nice (indicator coins for instance), but with a little patience, trial and error isn't too bad for now.

The music is great. I am not really a fan of custom visuals, but the ones used in Slim are tasteful and not distracting, for the most part.

If you're looking for something a bit trickier than Quickie World or Backwards Mario, this is a good option. If you're a more advanced kaizo player, you'll knock this out fairly quickly, but I think you'll have fun doing so.

PS: Duders, clean up your manor.
SQL_Infection From older version: Super Slim World Link
Nice work! I really liked the overall feel of the hack, feels like you've put together a pretty complete package. Music, graphics, MSG boxes... All contributed to a fun afternoon! :D

Definitely recommend to someone looking for an easier Kaizo hack to playthrough in 1 or 2 sittings.

I will say, the only thing I did not like was the last castle... It felt a bit uninspired, culminating in a boss fight that felt largely the same. But man, everything else was on point #smw{:TUP:}
Allrounder From older version: Super Slim World Link
Just started playing it and here:
There is a midway block and I can just get big and leave the level as big mario. Maybe you should fix becoming big after getting a midway in general.

Also for every midway (for example really easy in level 1) I can just get big through the midway and leave with Start + Select before I get hit and become big like that everywhere.

Edit: I'm about to finish the hack and the fact above really bothers me. You can just keep powerups. The reason why it bothers me so much is because this hack is really really great. The aesthetics are great, the music is on point (even though people might call some tracks "overused") and it is so much fun to play. The levels all feel different from each other and you get a lot of variety. My favourite so far was probably the first castle. It was really fun. You made a really great hack and it really is so much fun to play that I would recommend it to anyone who knows the basics of Kaizo mario. I don't think this hack is perfect as the first hack but after beating 2-3 beginner Kaizo hacks you should be able to play this hack and experience how good it is.

I would love to give you 5 stars but the powerup stuff bothers me so much that I'll only give you 4 stars for now.
Dode From older version: Super Slim World Link
Awesome hack! There were some solutions that could be performed in a little bit of an alternative/unorthodox manner, but I really enjoyed it, great job! Will definitely recommend for beginners looking for a second hack or experts looking to kill some time :)
B2De From older version: Super Slim World Link
This hack is really fun. The aesthetics and tunes are nice, the difficulty isn't overwhelming either. I dig. #smw{:TUP:}
Arisendead From older version: Super Slim World Link
This hack started off with some rough spots but as of this latest version its definitely really fun. Entry level kaizo with fun speed strats definitely recommend. Giving 5 stars in stead of my normal 4 since the credits are on point and credit was given where credit is due!
Sweetdude From older version: Super Slim World Link
My only complaint is the blinking death blocks, but that has nothing to do with game play so..
SkeptisTrader From older version: Super Slim World Link
Really fun so far, feels like a good difficulty curve also. Still on Tunnel Vision level, so not totally finished, but so far so good. Really great for any beginner trying to step their game up! **me cough cough**

EDIT: Awesome hack man, I just suck. My bad on my emulator's sound being fucked. I'll try and figure that out. That was my first no save-states play thru, lol.
Thanks for stoppin by.