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2019 Blind Kaizo Relay Level Collaboration

Super Mario World Hacks → 2019 Blind Kaizo Relay Level Collaboration

Submission Details

Name: 2019 Blind Kaizo Relay Level Collaboration
Author: Romhack Races Team
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This is the collaboration hack created for the 2019 Blind Kaizo Relay Race between the One Tile Men (Barbarian, GrandPOOBear, NOBLETOFU and Dode) and the Lunar Magicians (PangaeaPanga, GlitchCat7, LaserBelch and Juzcook), held on June 27, 2019 as part of Summer Games Done Quick in Bloomington, MN.

The levels can be played in any order, but are meant to be played from left to right as they appear in the overworld.

Creators and credits in the README.

Tags: asm exgfx music non-mario race traditional
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Comments (19)

Ferlow_Y Link
Was very fun to watch at GDQ! Nice variety of levels, wonderful mechanics and an awesome soundtrack. 6/5
7threat Link
this is epic!
Holy Shinx Link
really good and creative, haven't seen the race but hack is really good
Dode Link
Such an honor to get to race this tremendous piece of work on stage. Fabulous job by the entire team, I really don't know how it could have been any better for the event!
1ied Link
Fun to watch I am excited to play
ZeL_ Link
Awesome hack dudes
 Atari2.0 Author Link
Originally posted by larsihasi86
Firefox and Chrome both warn for a potential virus in the zip file. False alarm?

Yes it is a false positive. There's no virus
larsihasi86 Link
Firefox and Chrome both warn for a potential virus in the zip file. False alarm?
Pancake001 Link
My browser will not let me download it.
Texjester Link
Watched the race and immediately played these afterwards. What a flawlessly produced hack for this event. So beautiful and the racer sprites were a nice touch. All involved in making this deserve a lot of credit. The levels were great and the perfect length/difficulty, and enjoyable to watch live as well. 5/5.
39725 Link
Klug Link
sio-kedelic Link
Each level felt like each creator's style and were fairly quick but challenging. Excellent race content for a GDQ, and it holds up well as a standalone hack as well. That Celeste level could very easily be its own hack, but every level had something fresh and fun :)
Typodestoyer Link
Originally posted by jimbo4273
That sixth level was amazing! Here's to hoping a themed hack could be possible?

Yes, please. I've played the sixth level like four or five times, it's just so fun to do. The other levels have been fun too, especially the fifth one. Great work all around!
Zach_Attack Link
Really unique asm I haven't seen before, great job to all of the level designers.
ECS.98 Link
Just watched the race. It was incredible!
GG to all the racers and everyone involved in this hack!
jimbo4273 Link
That sixth level was amazing! Here's to hoping a themed hack could be possible?
MM102 Link
GG everyone! thanks for letting me be a part of this
zmatt Link
Awesome race!