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Song Title


    Planet X2 - Oh No! More Square Waves!

    SMW Music → Planet X2 - Oh No! More Square Waves!

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    Submission Details

    Name: Planet X2 - Oh No! More Square Waves!
    Author: Nikku4211
    Insert Size: 0x018D bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: Many
    Source: Port
    Duration: 0:46
    Featured: No
    Description: Yes, I know it mainly uses sawtooth waves, but that's what the original song was called.

    The song was originally made by David Murray. It was made for video on his '8-Bit Keys' channel where he reviewed a pulse wave keyboard called the Yamaha PSS-125. David Murray then had Anders Enger Jensen compose the soundtrack to his C64 game 'Planet X2', hence the simplicity here. One of those songs happened to be a remix of 'Oh No! More Square Waves!'.
    Tags: calm overworld retro sad space title
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    Comments (5)

    DoodleMyNoodle Link
    so how does this have over 100,000+ downloads?
    Nikku4211 Author Link
    Originally posted by Klug

    Actually, I don't think this song was ever used in David Murray's newer 'Attack of the PETSCII Robots' game.
    Klug Link
    zacmario Link
    I'm familiar with his computers channel, never tried the music channel.
     Nanako Link
    Wow somebody actually ported that