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LevelNames v2.1

SMW Patches → LevelNames v2.1

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 Kevin Link
If inserting this code makes your hack crash, it probably means you're using UberASMTool: the LevelNum patch included here is not the standard one (uses JSL instead of JSR) and it will conflict with UberASMTool's LevelNum patch. To fix it, just remove these lines:
org $05D8B9
	autoclean JSL LevelNum		; levelnum.ips, now in asm form
deathenphetamine Link
Originally posted by Xonic Craft
Oigan soy nuevo en esto me podrian decir como puedo agregar archivos .asm a mi juego smw
Prachando el .asm con asar en el Rom...
(jaja que hace alguien que habla en español aquí?)
Xonic Craft Link
Oigan soy nuevo en esto me podrian decir como puedo agregar archivos .asm a mi juego smw
Misterfan2000 Link
Tested with my ROM (who has various patches, one of them the PowerUps 3.3.3) ,in a Vanilla ROM with the PowerUps 3.3.3, and it crashes

I tested it in a Vanilla ROM and it works

Any solution?
 Blind Devil Link
Tested with Asar v1.71, SNES9x v1.58, in both normal and SA-1 ROMs.

It works as intended, but I've changed the RAM flag used for manual text updating to outside the text table so you can properly write a zero inside it.
AuraDee Link
Updated for Asar, and added SA-1 compatibility. Merged levelnum.ips into the patch, and reformatted the text table for easier accessibility and editing as well.
ModernKiwi From older version: LevelNames v2.1 Link
Someone needs to convert this to ASAR ASAP!
Green Jerry From older version: LevelNames v2.1 Link
This patch is a reference to Super Mario Bros. Deluxe by peter_ac