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Reusable Stationary Switch

SMW Sprites → Reusable Stationary Switch

Submission Details

Name: Reusable Stationary Switch
Author: wye
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: A switch that will trigger some action when pressed, and rise back up after a short time so you can press it again.

What the switch does when pressed is up to you. By default you can have it change the ON/OFF state or activate a P-Switch, and if you know ASM you can make it do whatever you want.

When the extra bit is set, the switch is two tiles wide.
Tags: lorom pacifist sa-1 switch
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Comments (3)

Galeth Link
Man this is amazing to create speedruns that use the P switch without having to grab it!
 Kevin Link
Tested with: PIXI 1.29, LM 3.04, SA-1 1.31. Everything works as intended.
It's definitely a nice sprite (also I agree, the animation is smooth af).
HammerBrother Link
That is the smoothest button switch animation ever on SMW. You killed me on that.