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Details for Sprite Message Box v1.1
SMW Patches - Sprite Message Box v1.1 Show random
File Name: Sprite Message Box v1.1
Version History: View
Authors: edit1754, lx5
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: Allows enabling the use of Sprites instead of Layer 3 to render Message Box Text, on a per level basis, in order to free-up Layer 3 in levels that use Message Boxes.

Automatically determines which sprite tiles are safe to temporarily overwrite -- so there's no need to block off a certain amount of sprite tiles.

Incompatible with Message Box Expansion.

- v1.1 (2019-Jul-05): Now compatible with latest LM, SA-1 and Custom Powerups.
Tags: layer 3, lorom, message block, message box, sa-1, sprite
Download: Download - 10.44 KiB
Ice Man
Glitches out when using UberASM for some reason. Fault might be the JSL $7F8000 hijack at $A295.
Posted by: Ice Man - | Link
Blind Devil
Tested with Asar v1.71, SNES9x v1.58, in both normal and SA-1 ROMs, with and without Mario's 8x8 Tiles DMA-er.

Everything works fine as long as all steps mentioned in the Readme are done carefully. So yeah, don't forget to check it. No issues found. Accepted.
Posted by:  Blind Devil - | Link
i have no idea why would you want to mix both patches in a single hack, one of them will feel out of place imo
Posted by: lx5 - | Link
Hayashi Neru
Originally posted by Nowieso
Is this Patch compatible with VWF Dialogues?

If used with VWF, you will need to modify the vwfconfig.cfg file of the VWF patch.
;Adress Defines;

; These have to be 24-Bit addresses!
!varram	= $702000	; 270 bytes
!backupram	= $730000	; 16 kb to backup L3 graphics and tilemap
!tileram	= $734000	; 16 kb for VWF graphics and tilemap

!varramSA1	= $419000	; 270 bytes
!backupramSA1	= $410000	; 16 kb to backup L3 graphics and tilemap
!tileramSA1	= $414000	; 16 kb for VWF graphics and tilemap

;Default Settings;

; These are the default values to use if not changed ingame.
!defbg	= $08
!bgcolor	= $44C4
!defframe	= $07
!framepalette	= $03

;Patch Settings;

; Whether to ue 8-bit or 16-bit mode
!bitmode	= !8

; Whether to hijack SMW's original message box
!hijackbox	= !false

; Whether to automatically apply SRAM expansion
; (By default, only applies to non SA-1 ROMs and is required if you leave address defines on top unchanged)
!patch_sram_expansion	= not(!use_sa1_mapping)

However, you cannot sprite the VWF message box itself.
and need this sprite
Posted by: Hayashi Neru - | Link
Is this Patch compatible with VWF Dialogues?
Posted by: Nowieso - | Link
Hayashi Neru
When used with the HDMA 3.5 patch, clear the last screen. Otherwise, the problem occurs.
Posted by: Hayashi Neru - | Link
Originally posted by PedroHrodrigues
My rom glitches if I stay in the message box for too long.

I don't seem able to replicate that. I've waited for at least 2 and a half minutes on SA-1 and non SA-1 ROMs and nothing happened.
Posted by: lx5 - | Link
My rom glitches if I stay in the message box for too long.
Posted by: PedroHrodrigues - | Link
Fermín Acosta Jr.
How does Do.🤦‍♂️
Posted by: Fermín Acosta Jr. - | Link
Notable changes (taken from my commits)
- Added proper FastROM support
- Added SA-1 compatibility
- Added Custom Powerups patch v3.3.4+ compatibility
- Fixed an oversight on the windowing HDMA routine.
- Optimized the GFX decompression routine.
- Enabled the sprite message box on every level by default.
- Made it not break ExAnimations and moved the NMI hijack to a "safer" location.
Posted by: lx5 - | Link