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Poison Mushroom v1.0

SMW Patches → Poison Mushroom v1.0

Submission Details

Name: Poison Mushroom v1.0
Authors: JackTheSpades, mikeyk
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch will overwrite an existing sprite and turn it into the poison mushroom instead. Note that you shouldn't reapply this patch to the same ROM after changing !NUM as it will NOT remove the previous insertion.

Available sprite numbers: 12, 69, 85 (Default), 96, B5

Tattletale - moved out of pixi.
Tags: lorom poison mushroom sa-1 sprites
Comments: 5 (jump to comments)
Download 4.70 KiB | 550 downloads


Comments (5)

Dark Mario Bros Link
I wanna see it coming out of a question mark block
 Erik Link
Tested with: Asar v1.71; SA-1 v1.32; Lunar Magic 3.04; snes9x v1.60
Works fine, though I changed the graphics file to only include the required tile. I also added a gif.
Bloony Link
Really Cool And Usefull! #smw{O_O}
I Need More of that, Like Enemies!
OG_Phantom_ Link
If any other kaizo players have looked at this I'd suggest taking out the 1-up mushroom as it's pointless to us anyways
zacmario Link
This is actually kinda cool. The old way always felt kinda wonky.