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SMW, SMB3 - Hybrid Muncher

Graphismes SMW → SMW, SMB3 - Hybrid Muncher

Détails de la soumission

Nom: SMW, SMB3 - Hybrid Muncher
Auteur: Qwerty13x
Ajouté le:
Type: Rippés
Fonction: Divers
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: SMB3 Muncher + SMW Muncher = Muncher Hybrid!
Well here I made a rip of the hibrid muncher drawn by ericgl1996 and I made the rip of the credits are unnecessary but if they give all the credits go to ericgl1996 because I just accommodate the palette and did the exanimation.

(if there is bad spelling is that I do not speak English)
Étiquettes: hybrid muncher needs remoderation
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Télécharger 2,97 Kio | 261 téléchargements

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