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Single Mushroom Scale Platform

SMW Sprites → Single Mushroom Scale Platform

Submission Details

Name: Single Mushroom Scale Platform
Author: Darolac
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: This platform sinks when Mario is touching it from above and rises when it is not. The first extra byte customises its sinking speed; the second one, its rising speed (vanilla values: 08FE). Please note that very high speeds can make the scale tiles not appear.

Completely coded from scratch (and thus, contains nothing of the somewhat obscure code of the dissasembly). It also fixes several bugs related to the platforms, such as the tile generation that occurs while in equilibrium and the cutoff that appears when despawning in a position of non-equilibrium.
Tags: lorom pacifist platform sa-1 scale scale platform
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Comments (4)

fome82 Link
Found a very strange and oddly specific crash caused by this. When placed in a level with horizontal level mode 00 in the lowest line of the top subscreen, i.e. at vertical position 15, when the player lowers it and allows it to return to less than 16px from its original position (but not quite there, so the sprite is basically between 2 subscreens) before scrolling it out of the screen to either side, the game freezes.

I did not test it on a vanilla ROM, so it might also be a combination with other code, but just in case anyone runs into this problem, moving the sprite to a different line fixed it for me.
Darolac Author Link
Originally posted by BrownBuddy
Does this just not work for anyone else?

This works as long as you set the speeds through the extra bytes, as the description tells you about.
BrownBuddy Link
Does this just not work for anyone else?
Darolac Author Link
I have updated the submission with some bugfixes. I recommend everybody who downloaded the previous version to redownload.