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Song Title


    New Super Mario Bros. - Trampoline Time

    SMW Music → New Super Mario Bros. - Trampoline Time

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    Comments (19)

    Vini2019huebr Link
    "I'm a Chuckster!"

    -top 10 phrases said before something bad happens
    45696 Link
    Wow, this is extremely impressive, fantastic work!
    Exodust Author Link
    @Dominicentek the song occurs in both games, I just ported the NSMB version.
    Dominicentek Link
    Why not just name it Super Mario Sunshine Secret Level? But still, pretty good!
    7 up Link
    Didn't know it was possible to do this song.
    Exodust Author Link
    @MarcosMoutta the song occurs in both games, I just ported the NSMB version.
    MarcosMoutta Link
    Isn't this from sunshine tho? I think you mixed things up
    ParakMahon Link
    Do-do-doooo-do-daaaah-dooooooh! #thp{=D}
    Nicoke42 Link
    Those samples sound great!
     Hooded Edge Link
    My favorite Version of the beloved SMB theme other than the All-Stars version.
    h.carrell Link
    this port is accurate as fuck
    Imnever Link
    isnt this that one theme from super mario sunshine?
    zacmario Link
    I didn't know SPC could do Doo that
     Ayami Link
    doo moment
    Exodust Author Link
    @TheEvilKingBowser I only learned today that it's also in SMS (not very familiar with the game); though, the SMS version, besides obvious mixing differences (better reverb), has a slightly different arrangement. I actually prefer this version!
    FailSandwich Link
    Since this is based on the secret course theme from Super Mario Sunshine, this also counts as a Super Mario Sunshine port! Awesome!
    Exodust Author Link
    Hahahaha, cheers guys! I'm pretty chuffed with the result, especially since I put a lot of effort in getting the accuracy right. I calculated the volume for every single note #fim{@w@}
    Jamie Link
    do Great job on this port! Sounds very accurate.
     Kevin Link
    Very nice port! It's going to sound great in Smooth McGroove World :P