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Abyssal Fish

Sprites SMW → Abyssal Fish

Détails de la soumission

Nom: Abyssal Fish
Auteur: Darolac
Ajouté le:
Historique des versions: Consulter
Outil: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamique: Non
Démontage: Non
Graphismes Inclus: Oui
Description: This fish moves casually in a zig-zag manner in a set pattern (big horizontal step with some upward speed, big upward step with some horizontal speed, big horizontal step with some downward speed, big downward step with some horizontal speed).

Check the readme file for customisation options.
Étiquettes: enemy fish lorom sa-1 water
Commentaires: 8 (aller aux commentaires)
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commentaires (8)

olgdeldnem Lien
Well, asts like Salmonious from Super Mario World: Just Keef Edition by Bensalot.
 Erik Lien
Tested with: Lunar Magic 3.04; PIXI v1.2.10; SA-1 v1.32; snes9x 1.60
Works fine. Thanks for the conversion!
zacmario Lien
Darolac Author Lien
Originally posted by zacmario
Was this from a real Mario game?

No, I came up with the concept and did the pixel art myself.
zacmario Lien
Was this from a real Mario game?
 idol From older version: Abyssal Fish Lien
god hes fucking pretty
Darolac Author From older version: Abyssal Fish Lien
Yeah, the tail still flips when the sprite is stationary - it's intentional, it does it at a slower rate that when moving though.

Thanks for the advise #tb{:]}
 RussianMan From older version: Abyssal Fish Lien
There was a bug where disabling !Pass doesn't disable ground interaction. I've fixed it. Be carefull next time!
I also noticed a little bit on insufficient coding in GFX routine - you clear $02 but never use it. You can also put Tilemaptail,y right before PLY, instead of storing it to $0C, since Y isn't changed after this point. Lastly I noticed that tail tile sometimes can change when freeze flag is set.

This is... an interesting sprite. Defenitely should be used with something with simple pattern, like cheep-cheeps or blurps. I find it kinda weird that it doesn't immediately change it's direction when it touches ground/ceiling, instead hugging it. For suggestions make extra bit make it start moving down on spawn.

Added SA-1 tag.