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Mute's Christmas Quest

Super Mario World Hacks → Mute's Christmas Quest

Submission Details

Name: Mute's Christmas Quest
Authors: Daizo Dee Von, scooter102089
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 3 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Mute's Christmas Quest, a two level SMW Mod that acts as a semi-sequel to Super Mario World: The After Years by EvilGuy0613. To sum up the plot, 7 months after Nova's defeat in the Industrial Lands, the Mushroom Kingdom has since been rebuilt to look more like the kingdom of years' past. Mute gathers gifts from the newly built Toad Town for Princess Cecilia, Lumine, and Allen Yoshi (the same Yoshi from "Super Yoshi Land: The Rescue Mission" as well as The After Years). As Mute and Cecilia talk, Yoshi alerts them that the gifts have been stolen by a couple crooks that went off to "The Abandoned Tower". Mute offers to get the gifts back, and thus his new quest begins in this new chapter.

The game contains a lot of inside jokes from EvilGuy0613's discord server that are hidden as easter eggs throughout the two levels, as well as giving the characters much more difference between each other. There are even some things you might learn from all the established characters thus far...

Disclaimer: Since this is a semi-sequel, I recommend you either play or at least watch "SMW: The After Years" to get a grasp of it's story before playing since the ending(s?) spoils a big plot twist, and will also fill in context if some things seem loose. Of course, if you don't want to, the game does a good enough job telling it's own story.
Tags: asm bosses custom caracter exgfx hdma health holiday music story traditional
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Comments (5)

Danik2343 Link
This great hack! I waiting for Super Mario World The After Years 2 and Nova and the dark armour!
 Atari2.0 Link
This is a good hack with good level design.
Since it is very story driven I recommend this to everyone who enjoys detailed stories with cutscenes in their SMW hack. Good job Daizo
Bonobi Link
(Mute, what a strange name) so, i like this game, good story, ggraphics, level design. even though this is a Mini Hack, I had fun playing it (
mainly for opening a new sequel of two games on the final, or not
). above all, I recommend.

Daizo Dee Von Author Link
And that's why it's Christmas in July.
34088 Link
Christmas hack in summer. It would've been much better if you just been patient and posted it in December.