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Super Mario World Styled Reimu Hakurei

Gráficos para SMW → Super Mario World Styled Reimu Hakurei

Detalhes da Submissão

Nome: Super Mario World Styled Reimu Hakurei
Autor: Kusamochi
Tipo: Original
Função: Jogador (Player), Mapa (Overworld)
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Descrição: This is My first Player's GFX.
Reimu Hakurei is from Touhou Project.
2 player's color is Blue Reimu!!
The zip includes:
Reimushared.pal(shared palette)
*This GFX00.bin is the same as Marisa's GFX.
Marisa's GFXs is here( )

Moderator's note: modified GFX10 and included a palette file to fix Yoshi's colors on the Overworld. To use it, import with the Green Star + Red Arrow button on every submap.
Marcadores: female needs remoderation
Comentários: 10 (pular para comentários)
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Comentários (10)

FimishHACK Link
Originally posted by Infinity
Good graphic designer and player with graphic designer, I recommend!

we all don't have any graphic skill instead we are drawing shapes with squares
 Niko0902 Link
Would be cool if player 2 was Sanae.
Xgen_Product Link
This looks amazing but, i have a quick question... could you make graphics of Goku(from DBZ). Pls, ive tried to do this in the past but couldnt get it to come out. Thanks!
EternityLarva Link
nice graphic
Qwerty13x Link
kawaii :v
FailSandwich Link
I love it.
Mogu94 Link
Been following you on Twitter for awhile now, I really enjoy your pixel art. It's nice to have something of yours on this site.
 Hooded Edge Link
She's here, boiz!! Blue Reimu is here!!
Zavok Link
Good graphic designer and player with graphic designer, I recommend!
Klug Link
Now one more thing's missing is the Marisa Kirisame player GFX...