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Jigoku Mario World Remastered

Super Mario World Hacks → Jigoku Mario World Remastered

Submission Details

Name: Jigoku Mario World Remastered
Author: Nowieso
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Jigoku Mario World is my first Kaizo Hack and my second SMW ROMHack. This hack is based around doing cool tricks mixed with tight platforming sections. It features 4 different speedrun categories. There are not many tiles to add nice aesthetics to a vanilla hack, but I feel like I used every available tile to make the levels look good which creates a certain atmosphere.

This hack includes:
-Instant Retry
-Spinjump Indicators to make the levels more blind-friendly
-new unique ways to troll the player, overall very fair level design
-many different palettes to make each level look unique
-blaming the world for saying my name wrong

I hope that everyone playing this hack has an awesome time with it and that you can laugh about the trolls!

-added a SNES Classic compatible version
-added autosave
-added custom music
-removed all Kaizo blocks
-removed 4 exits
-improved vertical camera
-improved palettes
-added QoL patches, for example: spinthrow and frame rule patches
-removed jank setups
-removed cutscenes and overworld events are faster now
-removed some sections from some levels that were just annoying
-removed a ton of useless indicators [SPIN], and improved old ones
-removed a lot of cutoff
-removed most RNG generators
-removed some useless message blocks
-removed some annoying trolls
-removed some cheese
-better secret exit hints
-added translucent layer 2

v1.1 changes
-Block Duplication Glitch is fixed
-Flying with Yoshi is fixed to remove cheese in a level (sorry Linkdead)
-Removed a lot of Spindicators and arrows that were confusing or unnecessary
-Removed some bad placed Kaizo Blocks
-Removed a wrong act-as 25 tile that did nothing
-Better indication for the assisted shelldrop
-Minor changes in the credits
-Improved some message box texts
-Fixed the bug where you were able to go through a wall
-Removed a water cutoff
-Fixed the bug that did not activate the turn block in a level
Tags: bosses traditional vanilla
Comments: 16 (jump to comments)
5.0 (2 ratings)
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Comments (16)

YouFailMe Link
I wasn't really sure what to expect going into this hack, but I have to say it holds up very well. For me, most of the difficulty comes from very long sections. For the most part nothing felt unreasonably tight and I felt rewarded for consistency.

My main issues:
poor secret exit placement, lag in the final level, and a frustrating final boss that didn't feel like a rewarding conclusion for me.

That being said I appreciate all the effort put into this hack. I think it's a great hack for players looking for something a bit tougher than intermediate difficulty.
superaessenome Link
ahthedark Link
awesome hack dude!
Hydrocodon Link
Very good hack overall, pretty difficult!
niko Link
Originally posted by Green Jerry
The title screen has "©2019 REMASTERED" on it. Was it intentional? For me it looks that you're crediting someone called "remastered".

NeXuS15 Link
Overall pretty good hack with a very hard difficulty. I really like what you did with this update but... why is that final boss still a thing? #smrpg{roar}
Green Jerry Link
The title screen has "©2019 REMASTERED" on it. Was it intentional? For me it looks that you're crediting someone called "remastered".
WaitingCoronet5 From older version: Jigoku Mario World Link
HLXY From older version: Jigoku Mario World Link
Nice hack! ^^
falkenste1n From older version: Jigoku Mario World Link
I really like this hack. Its very challenging with a unique level design.
It also plays really well on real hardware.

My Rating: 4.5/5
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Jigoku Mario World Link
I found it enjoyable for the most part. It has a classic feel like dram 1 or some of the earlier kaizo games which was nice.

I think you went overboard on the SPIN indicators, IMO you don't need them for every jump... but it was nice to have on some of them. Speaking of spinning, a big section of the game all the levels were spin jumping on everything, which felt kind of repetitive to me.

There was a pretty huge difficulty spike on the last couple levels which might be a turn off to some.

Of course you know about the BIG cheese I found (no spoilers).
NewToHack From older version: Jigoku Mario World Link
Two things are very obvious: you like Barb, and you like Mario Maker.
I'd say the spin indicators aren't necessary. First, it's inconsistant (sometimes it's not there when you have to spin), and also it visually doesn't blend at all into the levels.
Some new trolls, yes, maybe... also a lot of classic trolls that aren't trolls anymore because they are at every single midways/goal tape.
It can be quite repetitive sometimes. A lot of spin jumps, and a couple of themes used in a couple of levels, but not that big of a deal honestly.

I'd say it's a fine hack. Hard, but fine.
HLXY From older version: Jigoku Mario World Link
Well, now that I have beaten this game I guess I can say some things about it. The game is really hard, sometimes is stupidly hard. Tight jumps, unfair stuffs, long levels, etc. But it's really funny, that's the only reason I didn't give up, like other hacks. I think there's a lot of levels that you should nerf, like the green switch palace or the secret exits that are tough to get. I still can say the levels have original tricks and a good level design, so maybe this hack will be accepted. I'm not a moderator so I can not say that, but I feel this hack really have a lot of potencial. Good work! ^^
HLXY From older version: Jigoku Mario World Link
Well, I played about 5 levels and I can say it's really hard, but also funny. There's some parts that make me say "shit, this is too much", but I actually like it. Good level design! ;)
Danielsonic 87 From older version: Jigoku Mario World Link
I think that the only problem here is...that levels are far too long before-after a midpoint,otherwise it could be more manageable.I died 102 times on the first level,for example,but with a midpoint in the right spot,it could be 60-70...I am a fan of the difficulty on a videogame,but here is more a play of memory than skill,with alla those distance from a midpoint...

For the a great Kaizo hack^^I enjoyed the first level soooo much^^
SkeptisTrader From older version: Jigoku Mario World Link
Awesome so far, it flows. Love the spin jump signs!