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JTTMK 3 - Mario and Moonlight's Quest

Super Mario World Hacks → JTTMK 3 - Mario and Moonlight's Quest

Submission Details

Name: JTTMK 3 - Mario and Moonlight's Quest
Author: Sayuri
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 35 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Mario and his new companion Moonlight are storming a floating fortress when they discover that King Boo is back and with a vengeance. This time, he has kidnapped Kirby from Planet Popstar and is using his body for some nefarious purpose! With some unexpected allies met along the way, Mario and Moonlight are determined to make this the journey that will destroy the wicked Boo once and for all, and to hopefully save the pink puffball as well.

For a complete list of changes in this version, check out the changelog included in the ZIP!
Tags: asm bosses custom characters exgfx music story traditional
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
5.0 (4 ratings)
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Comments (15)

Brownietown Link
Very fun game. The only thing I would've liked was a better UI to show info on the keys. I was missing one and going through EVERY level to find the last one was a lot to ask.

Otherwise, loved it. 5/5
muzzl Link
Cool levels, highly customized.
Zammy Link
This was adorable and well done!

Moonlight is a cute character, and it's refreshing to see a romhack without bowser (I'm just done fighting him as a final boss, he's done so much in romhacks and mario games in general that he's just an anticlimax)

I couldn't figure out how to get to the house on the first world, I tried every pipe?

Also I didn't get every secret key, I imagine it opens a new world/level?

My only complaint would be... the fire guys in the forest level on the first world are a bit on the difficult side for a world 1 enemy. That's really it! The story, level design and music were great!

Shame Mario Makers don't offer the freedom to make OC's and original backgrounds/sprites. This romhack is a great example of something mario makers just can't do.
NatsuFireball Link
Oh, no problem =]

But don't feel bad about that, it is indeed sometimes very difficult for native to realize the difficulty/literary aspect of some words.

If I was to make a hack in my language, I may also use some tough words without even thinking of it ^^

Thank you very much for taking that into account though =]

I can't wait for your next JTTMK hack ^^

 Sayuri Author Link
Honestly, that never really came to my mind when I wrote the story... but you're definitely right. I apologize for the trouble you had reading some of the dialogue! I feel bad now... but I will take this into account while working on the next project I'll release here.

Thank you very much for letting me know #smw{:peace:}
NatsuFireball Link
Thank you for you help =] However, I was finally able to find the last key before reading help (it is the #6 in your list and is indeed the best hidden one ^^)

I would just tell you a last thing I forgot in my last post : as we can see in game text, you have a high english mastering level, which is surely a wonderful ability. However, in your game you put a very large amount of text (because of the scenario). This is not a bad thing at all, but the fact that you use difficult/refined/slang vocabulary very often (for example : balderdash, slammer, mosey, unfathomable, nigh, etc...) may be very difficult to understand for non-english (maybe even non US) players.

I am a non-english native but learned english at school and continue to learn new things every day, and I really like to learn some new words while playing a game. However, in your game plenty of texts contain uncommon vocabulary words (for me, but surely for others too), ending me searching for long minutes on online translators, which broke a little the joy of the scenario.

I am not telling you to write your text to fit non-english native players and/or weaker ones as english is the official language and we have to be strong enough to understand it. However, as there is a very large amount of text maybe would you, in a future game, just lower a bit the vocabulary level ? Doing this your game would for sure become even more enjoyable for all the community =]

But let me thank you again for all your work, it is awesome =]
 Sayuri Author Link
Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it #tb{:j}

For the Nine Strange Keys, I might have a feeling on the one you're missing. I might as well put this here now, but for anyone else, try not to look unless you're really having trouble finding them!

The Nine Strange Key Locations:

In order, from world 1 to world 6:

1. Cloudrun Mountain - The cold part of the pipe near the midway point.

2. House of Spooks - Left of the level entrance.

3. Beachy Blues - To the top right of the note blocks.

4. Underground Factory - The end of the level. There's two ways to get to it, though one is easier than the other.

5. Swampy Spelunking - At the beginning of the cave section.

6. #3 A Maniacal Mech - In the second room, near the Dry Bones.

7. DeDeDe - In the middle, up a vine.

8. #4 Elite 3 - Greely - Near the midway point.

9. System Heating - Above the level entrance.

NatsuFireball Link
A wonderful game with a great story and very nice ideas, especially the implication of the 4 bosses once beaten, witch adds a very cool note to the story.

The fact that we play alternatively as Moon and Mario is very fun too =] and the game is so well designed !

I was able to find all 35 exits but I missed one key... I replayed all the levels but couldn't find it. I surely couldn't find it, but may there be a problem with this last key ? Indeed, all keys are quite easily findable as there are visual clues in the levels to find them, but this last one ? Maybe in the last ghost house, there are some low platforms under the upper ground(where fishing boo is), but there is nothing to collect here ? I am quite sad as I couldn't 100% the game due to this...

But overall it is very well made, so much work put in it ! Maybe just considering put a little tag in levels names containing a key ? ^^

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much =]
Dark Mario Bros From older version: JTTMK 3 - Mario and Moonlight's Quest Link
I've been waiting for this hack get done
so, it's finally here! I'm sure I'll enjoy,like I enjoyed that demo :D
niko From older version: JTTMK 3 - Mario and Moonlight's Quest Link
2 Stars,

hack begins interessting, but i give it up!

The firt level from the second world, that extremly bad jumping fish part at the end. I did it!

But then, the next level with the ghost lakitu... long level, ghost lakitu at the end, no midpoint. 1 (!!) powerup.

And there is more:

Flaws in Level Design...

But some Parts were fun.

Come on, i give u 3 stars, BEACAUSE i neverd finished it, and so... its not fair.
Jacopo From older version: JTTMK 3 - Mario and Moonlight's Quest Link
There will be JTTMK4? or this is the last hack of the series?
 Eevee From older version: JTTMK 3 - Mario and Moonlight's Quest Link
Glad to see you finally got there ;)

This was an alright hack. Mainly, I'd say it needs a bit of polish here and there, some levels were more empty than others, and others were on the short side, so just keep that in mind for the future. You fixed the major issues, so this is definitely acceptable.

Keep getting better, it'll be nice to see how you move on from here.
 Sayuri Author From older version: JTTMK 3 - Mario and Moonlight's Quest Link
edit 2: DON'T download this version anymore. seriously. get the updated one. thanks.

edit: update submitted; please download that one instead of this one!.

It took until a few days ago for me to realize the weird garbage-tile errors with the sprites, among other bugs.
Well, I feel like an idiot for not realizing them earlier and I apologize for leaving such trivial errors in the hack. I'm gonna submit and update very soon to fix it and some other stuff.
 PermaBan From older version: JTTMK 3 - Mario and Moonlight's Quest Link
Though nothing is really wrong with this hack and was enjoyable there are a few things that stood out.

Firstly the main enemies, koopas, goombas, spinies, when killed with a cap, sliding or a thrown object all flicker through random graphics which is fairly distracting.

Secondly the hack feels like it falls into the lack of motivation category as it starts off very strong and the levels are a good length but towards the end they seem to be filler and super short or are purely just there for story and nothing more.

It was still fun to play through but could use a bit more added to it and some levels reworked to make them match with how the game started.
 Lexator From older version: JTTMK 3 - Mario and Moonlight's Quest Link
I liked:

-Your custom character.
-Custom musics used.
-Kirby's Superstar universe.
-The story is cool, a quite short but cool ^^
-Your custom Boss.

I disliked:

-Levels or castles with just the storyline... (blah blah blaaah ^^)
-No custom Mario character (Moon is so cool but Mario.. it's SMW Mario ^^)
-Plat level design on many levels (except the final world !)
-Too simply overworld.

I notice you for some cutoffs and sprites garbages.

Overall: It's a great short hack with a great story but some many problems and it could be have better GFX and level design.

(Sorry for mistakes, my english level is low, so looow ^^)