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Instant Item Box v1.4

SMW Patches → Instant Item Box v1.4

Submission Details

Name: Instant Item Box v1.4
Authors: AxemJinx, Erik, ShUriK KiD, imamelia
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: This patch makes the following changes:
- The item box only activates when the player presses Select, even when getting hit.
- The powerup is granted instantly instead of falling from the box.

Full credits and version history are in the file.

v1.4 (Erik)
- Added SA-1 and Asar support.
- Rewritten a chunk of the patch to use pointers; it's not necessarily faster, but that way the user will be able to expand this for, eg. custom powerups with more ease.
Tags: item box lorom powerup sa-1
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
Download 1.39 KiB | 499 downloads


Comments (10)

 Erik Author Link
Originally posted by Fermín Acosta Jr.
It wont work with powerups 3.3.4

yeah you'd have to add support for it manually by yourself, as i said.
El Cuh Fermin Link
It wont work with powerups 3.3.4
AuraDee Link
Tested with Asar v1.71, Lunar Magic 3.04, SA-1 Pack v1.32, Snes9x v1.55. The change made to include pointers is really nice. Works as intended.
 Erik Author Link
I'm not sure if I quite understand what you mean. Are you asking for a way to make a power up not replace another if the item box is already occupied? Or something completely different?
 Hooded Edge Link
Nice, but instead of disabling the mushroom to replace the item box, is there a way to make the fire flower & cape not go in at all?
 Erik Author Link
Tested with: Asar v1.71; SA-1 v1.32; Lunar Magic 3.04; snes9x 1.60
I actually ended up rewriting a good chunk of this patch. It wasn't particularly bad per se... but the new method will allow the user to more easily expand for, say, more powerups. And besides many users were complaining about crashes whereas this one didn't crash on me.
Green Jerry From older version: Instant Item Box v1.3 Link
The link to the SMB3 powerdown patch is broken!
spyro From older version: Instant Item Box v1.3 Link
when i got the cape the rom crashed when i press select
 RussianMan From older version: Instant Item Box v1.3 Link
This patch crash ROM if you have feather or star in item box and you get hurt from anything OR press select.
Daemon64 From older version: Instant Item Box v1.3 Link
I tried to use it, but when i tried to use my reserve item the rom crashed