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Isabelle 64 / Shizue 64

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Isabelle 64 / Shizue 64

Submission Details

Name: Isabelle 64 / Shizue 64
Author: AloXado320
Version History: View
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 120 star(s)
Description: Well, the reason why is this made is for obvious Sma5h reasons (September 2018).

Works on emulator without setting 8MB! Also works on console and you no longer need the expansion pak to play it.


- Used decomp project.
- Uses F3DZEX (latest microcode for N64), lagless
- Different facial gestures
- Changed "Mario" text with "Isabelle" and other objects text to adapt the character. (with help of Eddio of the Japanese version)
- Changed model of the Stars, Caps and 3D Coins
- Replaced audio binary.
- Outfit Menu code
- Mid-jump
- Lossless 3DS Model Import using kurethedead's blender importer.
Franco Sanchez:
- For giving me the Mario Kart 8 Isabelle voice sounds to work with.
Video Link: Link
Tags: asm custom character textures vainilla
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