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Just Another Vanilla Hack 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Just Another Vanilla Hack 2

Submission Details

Name: Just Another Vanilla Hack 2
Author: niko
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 28 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Much more levels.

Little note: If you played the hack, it whould be nice if you rate it and say what you think, what you like, what not, what i can improve!

Even if you don't like it, rating it and saying what you think helps me alot!

And yes, the 'Boss room' idea with the 100 seconds timer is heavily inspired by 'This Hack needs a name'

Update (1.1): Added Lifes.

Fixed Pipe that leaded to level 0.

Update (1.2): Changed first section of 'WATER PARK'.

[Changed Difficulity to 'Very hard' for now, because the last stages and especially castle 3 are borderline hard. The hacks aim is to be 'very hard' in the end and it starts to get pretty challenging at the end of world 3. Maybe the demo is not worth that difficulity, since the levels are not THAT brutal as far as it goes, but for now i leave it as that. If the moderator doesn't think it's worth a 'very hard' label, sure he can change it again]
Tags: gimmick traditional vanilla
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Comments (9)

niko Author Link
After a break i'm currently working on new levels for this hack.

They get much harder than what you see here, so get prepared to smash your screen :P
 BeeKaay Link
Castle 3 (notably the second half), followed by Generic Platforms (also notably the second half).
niko Author Link
Just a question: Which levels you find the hardest in the hack?
 BeeKaay Link
Or, if you want to keep that vanilla, you could add a life farm and have a save prompt after every level. I do enjoy the platforming, but the game-overs are frustrating.
niko Author Link
Thanks for your feedback!
 BeeKaay Link
This is unpleasant to play without more lives and/or auto-save. Please consider including those.
niko Author From older version: Just Another Vanilla Hack 2 Link
Can someone let's play this hack? I really love watching others play my stuff and saying their opinnion while doing that.

Whould love seeing someone doing that with this hack aswell!
niko Author From older version: Just Another Vanilla Hack 2 Link
Glad you enjoyed it!

I don't know about custom music tho, this hack really wants to catch the vanilla feel 100%, maybe im considering it still.
 Atari2.0 From older version: Just Another Vanilla Hack 2 Link
Pretty good update. The demo ends a bit in an abrupt way but overall nice. Some custom music would be very much appreciated, since long levels and vanilla music tend to become annoying after some time.