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New Super Mario Land

Super Mario World Hacks → New Super Mario Land

Submission Details

Name: New Super Mario Land
Author: El Cuh Fermin
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 11 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: In this hack describes you that Wart kidnapped Peach in her Mushroom Kingdom at her castle. And Yoshi was taking care in the Peach's castle. Also I inserted my new custom powerups in my game. If you have any questions let me know in the comments or PM me so I can make more levels.

Also I bug fixed already in the switch palace that dont have message so enjoy.
Tags: asm exgfx music power traditional
Comments: 17 (jump to comments)
4.8 (4 ratings)
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Download 724.87 KiB | 6,500 downloads


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Comments (17)

SirMystic Link
Looks like there's only 9 exits instead of 11, and there's also a softlock in 1-7 where after the CP, you can jump over a wall from question mark blocks and get trapped in the wall.
Masked Man Link
BTW a SNES homebrew stole the name of your hack.
ImTheInkling4 Link
Wow Lots of Power Ups
edwinmusic Link
awesome! Beautiful! Great design! Amazing music!

CariocaHacker Link
I really liked your Hack ROM, but I think there is a lack of sprites,
like Gomba's being crushed
, I hope it will continue at least until about 3 or 4 worlds, because your Hack is incredible
El Cuh Fermin Author Link
Originally posted by Gent Gashi
Can you continue making levels to World 8

I no longer making this hack. I appreciate to anyone to make it. I’m starting on my new latest hack.
Gent Gashi Link
Can you continue making levels to World 8
TreyPlaysYT Link
gg 5/5
El Cuh Fermin Author Link
Is cancelled to finish the hack
TheNintendoGhost Link
when is the update. I love it.
qantuum Link

there's a number of things I like in this rom hack, especially the music score, but I can't seem to understand why you chose to hide such valuable information as the status bar...
Also there was this level where I get a shell powerup but I don't know how to use it, it just is like big Mario???

Actually I've felt like the new powerups inclusion had something to do with flexing your skills or giving an aesthetic, but nothing practical in-game.

And this Boom Boom in fortress 1 takes forever to kill huh.
FatalPepper66 Link
I enjoyed it!
zacmario Link
Interesting, your own custom power ups. I gotta try this one!
CharginChuck64 Link
 BeeKaay Link
Moderation notes:

- There's cutoff due to wrong corner tiles.
- The Boom Boom boss at the end of 1-Fortress is kind of boring. It takes five hits (as opposed to the usual three), doesn't fly, and the arena is quite plain. Consider having it fly around and/or making the arena more interesting.
- Some of the level design is repetitive and revolves around dealing with Hammer Bros and Boomerang Bros again and again.
- Consider explaining how to use each custom powerup if it isn't obvious. For example, I didn't know the inputs to turn Tanooki Mario into a statue and accidentally discovered them while jumping over a pit, which killed me.
- The message boxes have English errors. Consider having them proofread.
El Cuh Fermin Author Link
Originally posted by nif.emi
Great Hack! I love the inclusion of the various Items.

Thank you for your support my hack.
nif.emi Link
Great Hack! I love the inclusion of the various Items.