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8 Trials Await

Hacks Super Mario World → 8 Trials Await

Détails de la soumission

Nom: 8 Trials Await
Auteur: GearboxGoober
Ajouté le:
Historique des versions: Consulter
Démo: Non
En vedette: Non
Longueur: 8 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Facile
Description: 8 Trials Await is an 8 level (8 exit) hack made by me, GearboxGoober. Three levels were originally from my first hack 1st Challenge Mario that was removed, but they've been fixed up and ready to go.

Music credits are in the text document.

Have fun playing!
Étiquettes: music traditional vanilla
Commentaires: 7 (aller aux commentaires)
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commentaires (7)

fabio_novaki Lien
Nice hack!
NatsuFireball Lien
I personally enjoyed this hack a lot, it is certainly short but each level has its own interesting theme and graphics are great =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much =]
gmo7897 Lien
Overall, pretty decent. As someone said, it’s nothing that makes me say “oh my goodness, I’ve got to play that again!”, but it was entertaining enough to keep me around long enough to finish it. My only real complaints were the palette used on the ice world and the lack of any real level in the castle. The palette in the ice world make certain things (like munchers) difficult to see at times (among some other things), and I just felt a little disappointed when the final level was just the boss fight.

Other than that, it was as advertised - 8 levels and pretty easy. Each level had a theme, and that allowed me to enjoy the game a little more. If that’s what you were going for, you nailed it. I enjoyed myself for a decent 20-30 minutes, which is exactly what I needed.
niko Lien
Basic, mostly bland hack. Not horrible, but there's nothing special also.

 Manofer Lien
I sincerely love Suishou and Bubble Crab's remix in this hack.
Dutch_Meatbal From older version: 8 Trials Await Lien
7 easy levels with simple ending.
 Wakana From older version: 8 Trials Await Lien
Not too bad overall.

The design is a more or less. Some levels are well made and fun enough, others are instead straight land with enemies spammed around. Extremly linear overall, but some parts managed to be enjoyable.

Aesthetics could have been worked more in the decorations aspect, since some levels really feel empty. The lava cave's BG is also a bit weird. Besides these things, it's an okay vanilla hack.

As only issue worth of mention, music breaks on accurate emulators.

Overall, a not too fancy hack. A small one, but it could still result boring at some point.