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Krack The Hack

Super Mario World Hacks → Krack The Hack

Submission Details

Name: Krack The Hack
Authors: Daizo Dee Von, Mellonpizza
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: Krack the Hack is a short 14-exit hack where you play as a recently-transformed Koopa who is tasked to collect keys to save the Rixzo Army from the evil clutches of Bowser. Each stage has at least 4 keys required to beat the stages, with a twist in each level to make them all a new experience. The game starts easy, and then quickly ramps up in difficulty from beginning to end, to post-end. Each stage contains a moon to find, and something else as well.

Can you get through all 14 stages and find all the secrets?

Those who downloaded anything under v1.3.0 must read the readme for more info about compatibility.
"Speedrun Mode" is available to speed up the game. Please read the readme for more information!

This version (v1.4.1) fixes various wrong warps, achievement logic, status bar fixes, and more.
Tags: asm beyond the worlds enemy exploration hdma less exgfx music story variety
Comments: 10 (jump to comments)
4.7 (7 ratings)
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Comments (10)

JetWing34 Link
JetWing34 Reviews:
Krack the Hack, a 14-exit collaboration hack by Daizo Dee Von and MellonPizza

I have completed Krack the Hack with all of the exits found in the hack. Krack the Hack is an interesting hack, as reading the cut-scenes and playing through the stages made this level an instant classic! Considering the excellent level design, Krack the Hack does come with a killer soundtrack and amazing gameplay! It is without any wonder how the exploration of the overworld made this hack into a work of art! Even the overworld/maps were created to textbook perfection!

Creativity does come with excellent quality, yet it feels quite like a hack done professionally well! Without spoiling anything about the hack, the last level kept me on the edge of my seat. The one question that I seem to ask myself is - How in the heck does this hack feel genuine unlike any other hack done by Daizo Dee Von?

Daizo Dee Von and MellonPizza kept the gameplay to the setting in which the player hangs off the edge of one's seat. The level design through the entirety of the hack felt extremely unique, and there are custom blocks curated to each level that makes key collecting stupendous. For the most part, I enjoyed each level in Krack the Hack because of the exploration; that is the most important aspect of playing each level more than once. I notice many of the obstacles that heavily rely on the player to keep collecting keys, no matter what circumstance. Not to be outdone, the dotted squares give the player a simplistic eye where note blocks OR coin blocks are where. That's a good thing due to the fact both creators used these to mark where coin blocks and note blocks are located so that players won't hit "nothing but air".

Krack the Hack has fourteen exits, and exploration/level quality made this somewhat short hack into a thing of beauty. I had tons of fun playing this hack, and I definitely recommend playing it yourself just to have fun! Marvelous work of art, Daizo and MP!

5 stars out of 5
Astrakitu Link
I just beat this hack today and gotta say, that was the most fun I've ever had in a long while on any SMW romhack, and also the first time I've actually beat a SMW romhack from this site. Gotta love the puzzles and even encouraging me to try some tricks I'd normally see in beginner Kaizo. I appreciate the simple goal of getting 4 keys per level, as well as the
quick retry system in the final level

The most challenging level for me was
the escape sequence in Bowser's Keep, and with a constantly counting down timer that even continues during retries, as well as muted sounds with intense music, it definitely dished out the challenge pretty well, despite me scoffing some jumps, haha.

Music choices were pretty good, some of them being more well-focused on the action-oriented platforming and puzzles Krack has to do. I have a ton of favorite ports/remixes from this hack, especially towards the end!

Also, (Ending spoilers ahead)
The ending was very bittersweet. I can't believe I still failed to save everyone...
Jamie Link
Genuinely one of if not my favorite SMW Hacks I've played to date. I loved being shown finding all the easter eggs, getting all the achievements, and overall just playing the game and enjoying the well put together, if not slightly confusing story. I even did some Speedruns cause I liked it so much.

Highly recommend it to anybody looking for a semi short, but very jam packed experience if you're going for 100%!
VolleytheBall Link
I can only find 13 exits that count towards the today. I'm really conbfused of where I can find the last exit.
muzzl Link
Without a doubt one of the best non-kaizo hacks under 15 exits. So much work was put into the story and every level, and it shows. Like really you can't play this without seeing the effort that went into it, unless you are *really* stupid.
SrGalo Link
that1bigbossyouhate Link
bit of a difficult hack but overall really good
Daizo Dee Von Author Link
I'm pretty sure I had people play test it before and during release. :thonk:
 OGS93 Link
It started out ite, but it was bare bullshit towards the end. Didn't finish it but the idea was neat. The difficulty was just all over the place. There was literally no reason to have an insta kill jump in the train level. The water scrolling level felt like ass, too much info to process in too short a time init. (also some big discrimination sprinkled in) and the gameover making me play the whole of the final castle again after i got to bowser stage 2. nah man, that's not me. if I could rate out of 10 I'd give it a 4, and I don't wanna give you a 2 in the rating system cause 2and below is for fucking dogshit hacks, which this isnt lol. so I gotta give it an average score but if I could rate out of 10 itd be below average man sorry. like i said i love the idea and all teh custom shit.

Have a nice day! Play test, play test, play test!
Daizo Dee Von Author Link
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