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Distinctively Square Overworld Graphics

SMW Graphics → Distinctively Square Overworld Graphics

Submission Details

Name: Distinctively Square Overworld Graphics
Author: Katrina
Type: Original
Purpose: Overworld
Slots Used:
Palette Row(s) Used:
Description: Hey did you remember the deadline for the overworld contest? I didn't.

This is a set of overworld graphics that I tried my best to make look real nice. They have a bunch of ordinary Mario features so they should probably meet at least some of your overworld needs.

Also: they're square. Amazing.

Moderator's note: it's already mentioned in the readme, but to clarify it further: the included ExGFX change the 8x8 tiles used by the vanilla Layer 1 tiles. If you only insert and load the ExGFX and palette files, your Overworld will be filled with garbage tiles due to the new graphics affecting the default Layer 1 tile, which in vanilla was completely transparent. To address this, you have to, in Layer 2 8x8 Editor Mode, copy the new 8x8 Layer 1 tiles (found below the submaps) from the sample BPS's Overworld to the same location within your Overworld, so your Layer 1 tiles will use those instead.
Tags: cave desert forest grassland mountain mushroom needs remoderation sky snow
Comments: 20 (jump to comments)
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Comments (20)

FantasticFox Link
Originally posted by marklol1125
Whenever i put A2 into FG3 the whole overworld goes black

Same thing happened to me, all the layer 2 tiles turned black and I couldn't edit them.
FantasticFox Link
Okay, yeah, I missed the bit about copying the layer 1 stuff from the the sample overworld. It works fine with them copied.
marklol1125 Link
Whenever i put A2 into FG3 the whole overworld goes black
Hammer bros Link
amazing! I will use this in my hack#lm{ow}#smw{:peace:}
LicaSkelecario Link
How I do to unlock the 5 and the 6 ?
Desert Link
Originally posted by Zalzion
I hate to sound like a noob but is there a tutorial somewhere on how to implement custom overworld stuff like this?
Just search how to insert overworld ExGFX.
Zalzion Link
I hate to sound like a noob but is there a tutorial somewhere on how to implement custom overworld stuff like this?
codfish1002 Link
How do i copy the exanimation i cant seem to find it in the overworld sample

Edit - nevermind i found it i just forgot to check the turn block button
HammerBrother Link
Add a “blocky” to the tag for this. Looks cool.
Haithius Link
This is epic, if i ever make another rom hack after my current one this is a must
Xgen_Product Link
looks amazing!!!!
GaloombaCat Link
this is epic :O
 Teyla Link
I added a note to the readme pointing out how to enable the last two necessary gfx slots.

This is really good looking and once you actually get it set up, pretty easy to put together. Great job with it.
Cheolpeoduck Link
Great Quality of OW!
Haithius Link
This looks amazing!
Fullcannon Link
Great for RPG styled overworlds.
corrosive Link
That water is fantastic. Really great all around.
FailSandwich Link
I've found my new favourite overworld graphics.
Mogu94 Link
I love the way this looks.
EternityLarva Link