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Comeback to Yoshi's Island 2.0

Yoshi's Island Hacks → Comeback to Yoshi's Island 2.0

Submission Details

Name: Comeback to Yoshi's Island 2.0
Author: Rykon-V73
Version History: View
Demo: Yes
Length: 13 level(s)
Description: You did see the demo at the C3 Summer 2019, but now I'm going to make the 2nd demo official, by uploading it right here on SMWCentral. I present the improved version of 'Comeback to Yoshi's Island'. The version history has been changed. Look below for more info.

Version History

Version 1.0
- Initial release.

Version 2.0
- Replaced 'Super Mario World 2' title with 'Comeback to' and replaced the 'Nintendo(year here)' with 'Rykon-V73 2019';
- Modified level icons for 1-3, 1-7, 2-1 and 2-2;
- Modified the menu icons with better quality versions;
- Removed every new song thanks to the way AddMusicY Beta works(too bad I had to remove this feature);
- Made so that Yoshi now falls down in 1-6, instead of appearing on the ground(thanks, BTD6_Maker);
- Fixed the camera weirdness in 1-7 mentioned by BTD6_Maker.

There are more things in version 2.0 mentioned in the notepad. Read those. The .txt file also has a 'Credits' list. As a bonus, I included a notepad with everything translated into Romanian, in case you want to know.
The archive includes a .bps patch. You can play, up to 2-5, where everything doesn't work.
Have fun!

Edit: This version wasn't updated at all. I added more screenshots. The first ones posted were cheep.
Tags: demo unfinished yoshi's island
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
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Comments (7)

DavFar Link
wow this hack looks interesting
Rykon-V73 Author Link
Okay. I'm not sure how can I open my hack and fixed the issues you mentioned. I can't open it with GoldenEgg because of the level pointer, EggVine is a no-no and while I could use EggFlutter, when I save, I do need an emulator that can open 8 MB roms. What would your suggestion be?
Rykon-V73 Author Link
I used the patch I improved from this thread to change the Bandit sprite(former thing, now being a coin) into the Kaboomba. As for the other flaws, I'll try to fix them. As for the error in 1-8, I'll remove the door. In the original 1-8 of YI, there was no door that lead to Salvo, but I assume you already know this.
 BTD6_maker Link
I don't have that much to say, because you have fixed the previous issues. That said, there are a few issues.

I like your change to 1-4, making the traps spawn Kaboombas instead of coins, as well as the red Burts and Keith.
In 1-3, there is still an Item Memory issue here with a yellow coin directly above a red coin within a stake. It is less of an issue here because both of these are objects (so they only despawn when you enter a pipe etc., not just when they go off-screen) but it is still something you should fix.
In 1-5, if you fall down this pit and keep to the right, there is a scrolling glitch.

In 1-8, at the end, when Yoshi gets the boss key, it occasionally turns into the left part of a door. I wasn't able to get a screenshot since it only seems to occur very rarely.
In 1-E, if you enter the top part at the right (by going right, right, left) and, when falling, you go left then right, you can still despawn the one-way that blocks the flower.
Also, in 1-E, here is an Item Memory issue. Again, it's one that you would have to basically trigger on purpose, but it is still something you should consider fixing.
In 2-1, the scrolling can be a bit weird here.
Also, in 2-1, another very minor Item Memory issue.

In 2-4, you mention that green platforms are slowest, yellow are faster, and red are fastest. You might want to remove that given that you have changed the platform colours.
Also, in 2-4, you might want to make this door open, as it is possible to make the platform despawn. You can still die, but it is something to consider fixing.
Also, in Ghoser's room, you can fall and flutter to the right before triggering Kamek and cause a softlock. You should probably stop Yoshi from fluttering right below the floor by using a wall or something like that.
Rykon-V73 Author From older version: Comeback to Yoshi's Island Link
I have an update. After I'll release the 2nd demo at summer C3, I'll post the 2nd demo on the site.
Check this thread for other updates.
Rykon-V73 Author From older version: Comeback to Yoshi's Island Link
I'll get to this. Not sure if I'll have the custom music removed due to the things you mentioned in the PM. I'll see. I'll post the fixes here:
- every item memory issue you mentioned regarding level 1-1 was fixed;
- every item memory issue you mentioned regarding level 1-2 was fixed;
- the item memory issue you mentioned regarding level 1-3 finally fixed and replaced the existing winged cloud with a hidden one that should be in a safe spot;
- the 1-1 warp was fixed for the next demo;
- added stones in the location you mentioned.
Bonus: While I'm at it, I'll start to work on level 2-2.
Edit: I did have a backup.
 BTD6_maker From older version: Comeback to Yoshi's Island Link
Overall, I enjoyed this demo. The custom graphics and music were certainly a nice touch. I look forward to the next update, to see where you go with this.

Anyway, there are a few issues that I found, that you could fix before the next demo:


Minor Item Memory issue here. It's possible to collect a normal coin and despawn the Red Coin. While this is not that serious as the player essentially has to go out of their way to cause this, it is still something you should consider fixing.

Another minor Item Memory issue.


Another Item Memory issue.

Another Item Memory issue.


A minor Item Memory issue, with the Winged Cloud and coin. The Winged Cloud isn't essential to 100%, though.

This pipe leads to a 1-1 warp.


You could perhaps prevent the camera from scrolling into this screen, or add stones here.

Also, you could prevent 1-6 from being playable in this demo.