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Captain Barry's Treasure

Super Mario World Hacks → Captain Barry's Treasure

Submission Details

Name: Captain Barry's Treasure
Author: MORC
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: SMW Hack Made by MORC.

This is my first Hack. It's just a short vanilla one, but I hope you can have some 20 minutes fun with it!

Story: "Mario and Luigi found the map of a mysterious old pirate treasure! Let's go find it in this amazing island!"

TIP: You can safely follow any coin line. There is no trolling in this game.

Special thanks to:

-Mario Hacks Discord Server
-SMW Central

(Version 1.2 changes are in the README)
Tags: traditional vanilla
Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
4.9 (8 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (12)

newsuperhackboys Link
Captain Barry's Treasure review
So I decided to look at some mini hacks for inspiration to make for a possible first hack. I specifically looked for vanilla ones and found Captain Barry's Treasure. After playing, I found the hack to be pretty good. Firstly, I'll start with the worst aspects. The lack of the Cape Feather is quite noticeable. It may seem like a minor nitpick, but I'm not a big fan of Fire Mario and his small, weak projectiles. The Cape Feather adds a lot of variety to the levels in SMW. That's my only big complaint that knocked a bit of the rating down, aside from the general vanilla engine stuff I don't like (such as the power-down feature).

But on to the positives! The design is quite creative, even if it is just seven levels. The whole thing takes place on an island, so you could get some ingenious concepts. I mean, making it pirate-themed really helps make the game feel a lot more unique. The underground level was well designed, and I like the secret exit. I even like how the fight against "Captain Barry" has a text box at the beginning of the battle to give the impression he's talking to the Mario Bros.. In fact, I don't remember disliking any course in this. Sure, it's not impressively high praise since it's a short hack, but it shows that a short length can't harm anyone. Graphically, the hack still looks as good as the original game.

For anyone reading my review, I would recommend this hack. However, don't expect something big out of it.

Astantia Link
Short, but worth enjoyable. Levels are designed reasonably and are fun to play.
Mr. MS Link
Short but cool hack, 5/5.
SpikeyGecko Link
I had lots of fun with this hack! It was great for a first try, and it really felt like something Nintendo would make personally. 5/5 for sure!
NatsuFireball Link
As others said, an awesome first vanilla hack !

All is clearly designed, pallettes are beautiful and gameplay is fun.

I can't wait to play your next game =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much !
gmo7897 Link
Good hack. Well designed. I'd love to see this idea built out to a fuller hack. As long as you add in plenty of saving points, you can design this for people to be able to play for 30 minutes at a time, which seems to be your target, and sometimes that's what I'm looking for. Levels are fun, and I liked three concept behind three story. Definitely a good first hack, and I'd love to see your next work.
FatalPepper66 Link
Wow, really cool game, everyone will play it!
Bh02032002 Link
nice simple designed mario hack that keeps it simple yet fun. well devoloped due to no bugs and a great vanilla hack to sink about 30 minutes of downtime. 5/5 for sure, great first hack with tons of fun levels. good luck on future hacks.
Lost Link
Nice hack!
niko Link
Extremly well designed little hack.

Every obstacle was placed with care and the levels all are nice to look at, especially for vanilla that's pretty good work.

Very sad that's it's that short tho.

 Samantha Link
I usually don't play vanilla hacks because they're often boring or uninteresting, but I genuinely enjoyed this hack. It doesn't overstay it's welcome and it's fun to play. I like how you sometimes used darker palettes for parts of the foreground to spice things up and I like the secret exit in the cave stage. Really creative. The overworld is very pleasant to look at as well.

I do have a couple criticisms of this hack, but they're very minor and they don't strongly affect the gameplay in any way.

Perhaps this is just me being an idiot, but the second pipe confused me. I thought there may have been a secret area and you come out of the second pipe but it's just there for decoration it seems.

Personally I would delete this message box. Secret exits are supposed to be secret after all.

Was there supposed to be an Urchin in this section? Because if so, it didn't spawn.

Maybe turn priority off on the darker foreground tiles. That way nothing surprises you because it hides behind the foreground.

Beyond that this is a great first hack and I hope you continue to create more work in the future!
Deakula Link
Fun 20 minute experience just as advertised. Great submission, and congrats on your first hack! Can't wait to see what else you make in the future!