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Very Fun World

Super Mario World Hacks → Very Fun World

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Comments (5)

Wanderson123456d Link
#smw{:peace:} Nice Game You do a Nice work i like 5/5
davidsz Link
ok hack 3/5 stars
MorteTorment Link
Decent, short hack. Nothing really special about it, and the levels are way too similar, but it scratches an itch.

btw, great choice of music for all the levels, it's probably the one thing that stands out about it.
Bh02032002 Link
decent hack which had some fun platforming especially in the level before the castle. i;d personally give it 4/5 due to there being no bugs and it being a decently solid vanilla hack. would give it a 5 but i found the last 2 levels to be a bit hard for a normal hack but other than that 4 stars is still pretty solid. Good hack!
OEO6 Link