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Under the Rose

Super Mario World Hacks → Under the Rose

Submission Details

Name: Under the Rose
Author: Cianureto
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 8 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Easy
Description: This is not the first smw hack I send, but it's the first one that I strive so hard for. It's an hack I'm doing for my children, so I'm still developing the story.
I decided to send a beta version at the request of some friends, so here it is!

The story will be simple, just guide the character, kill enemies and end the game xD

I did some gfx and custom musics, but I used a lot of SMW Central features. There is a list of credits and thanks in txt.

Maybe a lot ot things will change. In some time, I will update the work.
Tags: custom character exgfx music original graphics traditional
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Comments (4)

I don´t like it because there is a lot to do in this game

FireFast Link
Gostei do Baile de Favela no Boss uhasuashuash, ficou top, sem contar que a hack tá muito bonita também, bora finalizar esse projeto e soltar ele no smw central completo meu querido, vlw..
Pitchin' Luigi Link
The white background in the title screen remembered me the title screens of Roberto Zampari's rom hacks
niko Link
the title screen is beautiful