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Breakfast Kaizo 2: Elevensies

Super Mario World Hacks → Breakfast Kaizo 2: Elevensies

Submission Details

Name: Breakfast Kaizo 2: Elevensies
Author: GlitchCat7
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 10 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: An attempt at an intermediate difficulty Kaizo that wound up being a bit tougher than that. Most levels are slightly shorter than is typical, and do not contain checkpoints. A meta-puzzle and some useless secrets are also included for fun. DO NOT OPEN IN LUNAR MAGIC IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS! Some of the graphics in level 6 are slightly wrong - not fixing this is an intentional artistic choice on my part because I like my hacks to look kinda weird from time to time. Nobody has to respect that choice but I feel within my rights to make it, as it does not affect gameplay itself in any way. This is also the reason for the occasional split-colored pipes. I hope it can be enjoyed by players aspiring to new levels! Massive thanks to D4 and the RhR community for their help.

Edit - 1.1 version includes changelog
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4.4 (7 ratings)
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Comments (9)

Clonwster Link
This was a hack
Smackalot Link
I played this hack because I read an article that constantly talked about how difficult it was, and I wanted to say that I beat it. I didn't know what I was in for. This hack was extremely difficult. I think? I was completely inside my own head regarding the difficulty of this game. Fortunately Shovda has a great playthrough on YouTube and I was able to make it through.

The cape levels are actually quite unique. Penny Heaven was by far my favorite level of the game. I felt like I was able to make better reads towards the end of the game. The
p-switch timer at the end of the second star world level is bullshit. Finally made it somehow after days of trying off and on.

This is definitely a hack for more advanced players. In terms of difficulty think Blotto's Basement as a comparison. Overall I'd say Breakfast Kaizo World 1 was more fun throughout, in my humble opinion. Still, for accomplished players looking for a challenge, this game offered a lot of unique and interesting setups. At no point was I ever bored and I really felt like getting through this was an accomplishment.
simillarian Link
Very good hack with a lot of unique setups and tech I had never seen before. The thing I noticed about this hack is that it wants to make the player actually THINK about what they are doing. It forces you to play very deliberately and carefully.
 Linkdeadx2 Link
Awesome hack, would recommend to more advanced kaizo players. Lots of cool ideas and brand new tech.
somekaizoguy678 Link
Fun hack so far! Some very unique challenges in a vanilla setting. Turns out Glitchcat has a different definition of "intermediate" than I do. Not at all meant as a dig, means I need to git gud.

orka-bln Link
Good hack! Was surprised by difficulty spikes here and there. Best levels for me where swarm and the castle. Thanks for making this, GC!
Such a great hack!
It's really hard, but fair enough. I didn't beat it yet, but I'm enjoying the experience, 5 stars for you!
niko Link
you love it after playing it for some minutes?
Insanit Link
Insanely awesome. I love it.