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Wario World: Between The Dimensions

SRAM Database → Wario World: Between The Dimensions

Submission Details

Name: Wario World: Between The Dimensions
Author: K.T.B.
Hack link: Link to hack
Description: Completed save for Wario World: Between the Dimensions by SLBros. (also known as ZVAARI).

All 7 exits obtained, saved on "Castle 1". All levels are accessible. It should be noted that the original hack has various audio glitches and occasional crashes if played on an accurate emulator. It's strongly recommended that you use ZSNES 1.42!

Miscellaneous fun fact: The author of the original hack is the same guy who made the famous Flintstones "Slider" rip on GiIvaSunner/SiIvaGunner's YouTube channel. Cool stuff.
Tags: asm exgfx music wario
Download 348 bytes | 21 downloads