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A Journey To Save The Yoshis

Super Mario World Hacks → A Journey To Save The Yoshis

Submission Details

Name: A Journey To Save The Yoshis
Author: Yoshivert99
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is my first Super Mario World's hack. It uses original elements of the game. You need to find all exits and Yoshi coins to consider you've finish the game !

ZIP file contains english version of the game and a README.





= UPDATE (1.7.1) =

- Glitch with yellow Yoshi fixed,
- Players can't be stuck anymore in some levels.

Enjoy ! :p
Tags: english traditional vanilla
Comments: 34 (jump to comments)
3.7 (3 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (34)

Hacks Are Unfair Link
karinou Link
Nice hack, i was enjoy to play all the levels even "to yoshi land" and "space odyssey" Good jod man
Yoshivert99 Author Link
Yes I know it's a very vanilla hack, but I've planned to make a more advanced hack one day, this hack was mostly a test of Lunar Magic. Despite everything, I've tried to make it fun to play even if it lacks the creative potential that longer and advanced hacks can bring.

Anyway thank you for your comment, and stay tuned ! ;)
 KPhoenix Link
I played through the entire hack and all secret exits. The hack itself feels very amateur; as if you are new to Lunar Magic and are in awe of the capabilities of modification in this nostalgic Mario title. We've all been there. This hack meets all the minimum requirements, and I can't say in any capacity that it's a bad hack, but speaking honestly, I feel there is a lot of learning and experience to be had in order to create much more polished products. Keep hacking and don't be afraid to experiment with the other assets available such as custom graphics, sprites, blocks, and music.
niko Link
since this is only a bug fix, i give you my 4 star rating again, because my opinnion about the hack hasn't changed.

still a good one imo, especially for new players.
NatsuFireball From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
This is a very good vanilla hack, with nice graphics, palettes and overworld.

The last dungeon, with its 4 different paths of difficulty, bring an interesting way of playing it, though I think the "very hard" path is not that hard =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you very much =]
RetroKoopa7170 From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
This is an amazing game and i cant believe its your first hack. I love the level design and the difficulty is good. The secrets are not that hard so they are still fun to play. I cant wait for more games by you! 5 stars!

here is my lets play for my reactions:
Yoshivert99 Author From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
Ok, I did not intend to update anyway (that's why I tested with Niko this last version before). Thank you for accepting!
 Atari2.0 From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
However some of my previous comments remain, for example, you asked where I can find you examples of vanilla edits, well in your 1st screenshots, that's exactly the same level layout of Sunken Ghost Ship in SMW. This hack is in decent shape with level design but still has some minor problems. However I do not think a further update is necessary. You already submitted 2 updates to a 2016 hack (I'm referring to this one) in a week, please understand that moderators would rather not play the same hack 10 times for small adjustements.
Yoshivert99 Author From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
Thanks !
niko From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
I think you can do great in the future. good luck with your comming hacks.
Yoshivert99 Author From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
Yes don't worry I fixed the issues, thanks again for testing !

Then, maybe one day I will make an episode 2, but not vanilla this time...
niko From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
I will not play this hack again, i already did 2 times. I like it in it's current state and i just believe you fixed the small issues i pointed out. Even if not, the hack is still pretty solid and fun to play.

Level designs are often more interessting now and you fixed the cutoffs from the OW and the stages themselfes.

I recommend this hack to everyone searching for a classic, pretty easy vanilla experience without frustration but also without surprises.

Just pretty good gameplay with good coin, power-up & enemy placements, which makes most of the levels very enjoyable.

Yoshivert99 Author From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
Okay thanks for your comment, I'm working on an update !
niko From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
Completed it 100%.

It's a pretty okay-ish hack.

At the one hand it gave me the impresson the creator had put effort into it, on the other hand there are cutoffs in every single level and overall pretty bland level desings to play through. I had not much fun playing this, it's not a horrible hack, it's just nothing special, mixed with the overall bad graphic wise presentation (cutoffs, uninspired level layouts)

Gimmicks are just there to have gimmicks, they don't make the levels more interessting or more challenging. They are just thrown into the levels, try to give every of them a different feel, while in reality every level just feels almost the same, with 1 or 2 small 'gimmicky' sections, that are not even really gimmicky.

I really loved the line-decoration in 'THE LAST LEVEL' tho, it made a smile on my face.

The hack should have more stuff like that. Personality. And less cutoff. Seriously, at one point in playing this i thought you really tired to put in cutoffs in every level lol.

In the end: Playing through this wasn't a 'bad' experience, but almost nothing in it was any special.

niko From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
Maybe im going crazy but screenshot 2 looks like a vanilla edit to me.
Yoshivert99 Author From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
Do you have an exemple of levels which are too much "vanilla" ?
 Atari2.0 From older version: A Journey To Save The Yoshis Link
I'm accepting this just because the policy on updates of existing hacks is not as strict as normal sumbissions.
Honestly I do not know how the first version got accepted in the first place but this version still has a bunch of cutoff, a LOT of wrong corner tiles and a couple of levels which are clearly vanilla edits and misaligned overworld paths. Level design is okay tho.
MinecraftPro297 From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
Nevermind, I fixed it! Thank you :)
MinecraftPro297 From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
@Yoshivert99 I tried SNES9x and ZSNES, and both show a blank screen. I'm not sure why, because I opened up the ROM in Lunar Magic to see if it was corrupted, and it was fine. I tried patching the IPS file a couple times, all with a clean ROM. I really don't know what to do.
Yoshivert99 Author From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
@MinecraftPro297 What emulator are you using ? It show a black screen ? Try to recreate a new patch with a clean new ROM.
MinecraftPro297 From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
The hack won't load
Yoshivert99 Author From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
@Cydrius This is a very big comment, I like this ! I will make an update.
Noober84555 From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
really vanilla.

Cydrius From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
From one designer to another, I'll play this and give my comments here.

(From one francophone designer to another, I'll be playing the french version, as I'm operating under the assumption french is your favored language.)

-I think you should consider giving the hack a name beyond just, basically, "my hack". It could help give a little more personality, and not make it just "I made this thing."

-Interesting choice starting off with a haunted ship. Not something I would personally do (I feel like a spooky level like that should be built up to a little), but that's personal taste. I'm not a big fan of the cut-off stairs you have in a few places, though.

-I recommend playing with palettes a little to distinguish yourself from the base game a little more, visually.

-You've put a lot of work in modifying the level, and it shows, but the base structure, at least at the start of the ship, shows from the original game. I think you should redo that room a little more.

-This level, I think, goes on a little too long. There's not much challenge to the last part, you can just swim over the ship. Also, the music cuts off after the ship. That's something to look into.

-The series of one-wide block jumps in the yellow switch level feels a bit unfair and excessive, by the game's standards. SMW's physics make it pretty awkward to pull off those jumps, making that part very frustrating.

-I recommend deleting everything in a level before you start building yours on it. There are moments where it's blatantly obvious what levels you're editing, which takes away from the experience.

-I recommend learning how to use map events. It's a bit odd being able to freely move ahead on the map.

-You tend to use every element accessible in the sprite/object palette in every level. That makes the level feel a bit disjointed and 'thrown together'. I think you should try to restrict yourself to a few, to make your levels feel more cohesive. Take a look at the base game, you'll notice they rarely use more than three or four enemy types in the same level.

-Be careful about putting too many sprites too close to one another. Some places, especially in "Lac Cheep Cheep", have pretty bad slow down issues.

-"Lac Cheep Cheep"'s time limit seems a little on the short side. Also, the last part with all the torpedos is a bit over the top, I think.

-The part with On/Off blocks in 'Pont Tronconne' feels like a really cheap trick. You have no way to know that the first block will put you to the wrong path until it's already too late. That's really not fun for the player.

-'Pont Tronconne' feels looooooooooooooong. Maybe shorten it some.

-I like your haunted house, especially that little clock assembly at the start.

-The section near the end of 'Ascention Nuageuse' with the falling koopas feels like it's all up to luck. Again, that's not very fun.

-'Aqueduct Épineux' starts with a jump from very high where you don't see the ground below. The first time, I jumped right into a pit. You shouldn't force the player to jump down to stuff they can't see, or if you do, the landing should be safe.

-I like the final level, I don't think I'Ve seen line guides used like that before. Very creative.

-You should avoid reusing the base game bosses as-is. Most people who play hacks have fought them so much it's become a chore. Look into using some custom bosses, or avoid using bosses entirely, I recommend.

All in all, I feel like there's a lot of room for improvement, but that you've got a solid head for design on your shoulders. I suggest playing some hacks with good ratings on here and getting a feel for what works and what doesn't.

Keep up the good work!
Yoshivert99 Author From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
Thanks ^^

At the moment, I work on a custom track for Mario Kart Wii !
 RussianMan From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
This is good vanilla hack to play. Good job yoshivert99!
darken From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
Yes, and fun to play.
Luigi_master1 From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
@blaze800000 Are you sure? This is a pretty good hack.
blaze800000 From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
your hack is likey to be remove
NatsuFireball From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
Hello Yoshivert99,

It's a very enjoying hack, with some of original stuff. I really loved your wired-drawings in the last level ! The idea of tiny levels on overworld crossroads is cool.

The difficulty is OK, starting from very easy to more challenging to the end, especially if you want to collect all Yoshi Coins ! And I did it, I found all Yoshi coins and all exits. It's quite difficult to found all Yoshi coins in the last level, you had a good idea of not putting all these coins in a single path (easy, normal...), so you have to change your road to find the 5 coins, it's cool =]

There are a few bugs, especially when finishing a level : some paths don't draw (Bowser world) and some others make the overworld a bit messy. In Strange Forest, when you take the second Yoshi coin, it bugs and the game thinks you got all, and give you also a 3-up moon. To avoid this, I had to find all other Yoshi coins before returning to the beginning of the level to grab this buggy one in order to get it right ^^ Some sprites bug also.

I had fun playing your hack, so I give you 9/10 (5 stars). Thank you =]


@mario and luigi : The purpose of the P-switch in Roy's dungeon is to turn into coins the path of brown blocks at the beginning of the level : by doing this, you can pass and get to a door. This door eventually leads you to a goal point, which is the secret exit of this level =]
ForthRightMC From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
Well, you could download AddmusicK and insert some custom music, or I will insert them.
Yoshivert99 Author From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
Well thank you very much for your return about my game ! :D

So I think I will make an update to make the game more cool for players !
mario and luigi From older version: Yoshivert99's hack Link
I generally liked the idea of this hack, but there are, unfortunately, quite a few problems with this hack. I enjoyed the idea of some levels reminiscing the original Super Mario World levels by a little bit, and they do not exactly feel like blatant level edits, so points for that! I also liked the idea of having set different difficulty sections for the final level, Bowser's Castle. However, as I previously stated, problems with this hack will cause point deductions. Below, I will be listing the main issues of this hack:

1. Cutoff: Cutoff was the main issue of this hack. Almost every level had cutoff areas. While this is not really a big problem, it is still not pleasant to the eyes, and some of the cutoffs can easily be fixed through map16 editing, or using other tiles. For instance, in the first level, using a turn block on top of a vine will cause cutoff on the vine when the turn block is hit, so a cement block or a one-tile piece of foreground (through map16) would suffice more to avoid the cutoff. Do note that cutoff exists in the overworlds as well.

2. Overworld glitchiness: The overworld had several issues. Firstly, clearing the Haunted Ship level will cause the overworld music to mute (there is a patch for this), and the Bowser Valley earthquake to summon. Next, there are glitchy overworld tiles (events) when clearing certain levels. Make sure to delete original Super Mario World events in the layer 2 event editor mode window. Moreover, the Special World overworld had a glitchy tile in the level name, Strange Forest, with two glitchy tiles before and after the title.

3. Miscellaneous issues:

-If I bring Yoshi to Sawed Bridge, I would have to abandon him, as Mario cannot progress while riding Yoshi due to the climbing ropes.
-Minor, but for some reason, the Bowser Valley submap fails to show layer 2 paths.
-There are certain areas which players are thwarted with 1-up mushrooms. During Chocolate Island, a total of four 1-ups can be collected; the equivalent of a 3-up moon and a 1-up mushroom combined. This includes having 3-up moons in lots of levels. It is fine to have 3-up moons in every level; it just needs to be extremely difficult to obtain. Maybe add a small challenge or two for 1-ups next time.
-Something extremely weird occurred while playing through Haunted House. One of the Boo clocks (that spin clockwise and counterclockwise) appeared normal, but suddenly it started to overlap another Boo clock. I am not sure if this is a sprite memory issue or not.
-The invisible note blocks in Haunted House are glitched when hit upon. Also, during that moment, the camera at first fails to scroll up to Mario. At first, I was unsure if I was going the right way until the camera finally scrolled up out of nowhere.
-Upon entering Reznor Fortress, a Dry Bones walking towards an escalator looks a bit strange.
-Roy's Dungeon had severe sprite memory issues, causing headless Magikoopas, pencil pillars without spikes, and other oddities with the sprites. The castle memory setting for sprites should be 00. Speaking of Roy's Dungeon, a P-Switch near the end of the level was unnecessary, as Mario can jump through the two moving blocks without the aid of blocks. I did not see another purpose with the switch. Also, if I collect a mushroom at the last question block near the boss door, the mushroom will go past the wall, and Mario will be unable to collect it.
-Whilst giving a cape feather, Mario can easily fly above the levels, making it a cheat-cheat to beat the game. What I do when I give players a cape feather in a hack is when designing the level to avoid creating flat areas where Mario can run as much as possible. Same with the P-Balloon in Strange Forest and the area where Yoshi must eat a blue shell to fly. Place a low wall so that players cannot fly above the level and easily win.
-There is a minor typo for a level name: Cloud Ascention should be Cloud Ascension. Also, in that respective level, placing a dragon coin near the goal point will cause the dragon coin not to fade out (the glowing effect). Avoid placing dragon coins near goal points.
-Spiny Aqueduct had repetitive level design with the arches and similarly placed spinies.
-Slowdown was also prominent in many levels with excessive sprites.
-Although the player does not get stuck in an endless bonus room, it is strange that when the player enters the bottom star in the Star World overworld a second time to return back, they get sent to an unknown area in the Bowser Valley submap.

I will repeat this: I enjoyed most levels showing little pieces of the original Super Mario World's levels. I think it was a clever idea!

Total rating: 3/5