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Mario at the Kasranova Levels 2: Imgelemden Hallice

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario at the Kasranova Levels 2: Imgelemden Hallice

Submission Details

Name: Mario at the Kasranova Levels 2: Imgelemden Hallice
Author: OEO6
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 32 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: Welcome to my another hack series:
'Mario at the Kasranova Levels'

• 250+ my new graphics


- Restaurant
- Mountain
- Temple
- Garden
- Desert
- Beach
- Space
- Forest
- Sky
- Pipe
- Ice
- Haunted
- Sewer
- Abstract
- City
- Casino
- Western
- Factory
- Cave
- Dump
- Dinosaur Age
- Candy

• Design Time: 1 month

I had a lot of fun designing this game.
I hope you enjoy this hack!!!
Tags: asm exgfx music no boss
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Comments (4)

karinou Link
It's a good hack, i was glad to play it #smrpg{y}
NatsuFireball Link
This hack surely has wonderful graphics, and the effort you put into changing sprites for every single level is colossal !

However, besides these graphical changes, the levels are very repetitive, with the same pattern and enemy used type in each one, with however some nice adds such as bloopers.

The overworld is also very simple. Finally, there is no boss fight, even in the last level.

I found 31 exits instead of 32 listed here. When I count all levels on the overworld, I actually find 32, so I suppose that the last level doesn't count as an exit, acting much like Bowser's castle ? If it's the case, it would be nice to update the actual number of countable exits to 31 =]

I'll give you 6/10 (3 stars), I think if you bring much creativity in your levels, this would bring a wonderful hack, because the palettes and level-specific enemies are truly great =]
OEO6 Author Link
Originally posted by Darkslayer
It seems çok güzel kardeş, I'll play it sometime.

Thanks. Çok teşekkür ederim :)
qantuum Link
It seems çok güzel kardeş, I'll play it sometime.