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A Random Pit

Super Mario World Hacks → A Random Pit

Submission Details

Name: A Random Pit
Author: A Random Taser
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Tool-Assisted: Pit
Description: Why hello! Finally my second hack is released, way better than my first one, it was the occasion for me to know more about Lunar Magic and what surrounds it. This is not a pit of difficulty to be honest, from my TAS it lasts around 5 minutes without any improvements. Therefore if you know the very basis of pit tricks you can finish this level pretty easily, only the last part (ending the level) might be a bit more difficult.
If you have any suggestions, questions, you can put it down there, I'll be glad to improve from what people think about my creation.
There is a link to my Youtube video: (this hack is re-submitted, so there are few changes)
Enjoy!! :D
Tags: glitch music vanilla
Comments: 3 (jump to comments)
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Comments (3)

 xHF01x Link
See my playthrough here:

Copying from the video description:
Decent pit hack with mostly standard setups, though there are some innovations like the mushroom juggle with the hotheads or the triple throwblock jump in the second room. Difficulty curve is a bit weird: The first half of the hack is way harder than the later rooms, the last room especially is very easy, barely requiring frame advance. Ending puzzle is still neat but a few items are superfluous. Still 5/5 from me, it was fun to play.
A Random Taser Author Link
Thanks again for your feedback! Unfortunately I think I am going to edit the hack, because of the cutoff and minors breaks, therefore your TAS won’t be acceptable anymore, meaning it is not the final version
 dacin Link

Was a very fun hack to play. My playthrough is here:

- In the first level (level 03), there is a big cutoff right at the start.
- In level 03, the invisible coin blocks are barely visible on the green background (I didn't notice them until I hit the first one). While the player can turn off layer 2 or use lunar magic, people watching on Youtube will not see them (making the double shell jump in screen 04 look much easier than it is). In general, I would also mark the coin blocks in levels 15 and and 01, so that people on Youtube can see them.
- I love the jump with the 3 throw blocks in level 04 screen 06.
- Good job on disabling sprite slot 7 in level 10. (You can still eat the pitching chuck, but idk if you can do anything with the crash.)
- The first jump in level 15 can be done without the second shell: Throw one p-switch onto the muncher, then do what I did (without hitting the invisible block), i.e. p-jump -> p-jump -> shell jump.
- In levels 15 and 07, I use wall jumps to get above the level (in level 01, I use key jumps). My general advice would be to fill the top row of the level with munchers (or instant death blocks if you use gray p-switches or iframes) unless require the player to go above the level. The main issues with invisible coin blocks are blue p-switches, clipping through them or jumping around them (what I did in level 01).
- Some of your inwards corner tiles are solid (Tiles 252,253,262,263), while others are 1F0 (287, 21B). Solid corners are good break protection, but mixing them with non-solid ones will confuse the player, especially since you need to clip through one of them in level 15 screen 08.