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    Whirlo - Haunted Forest

    Musique SMW → Whirlo - Haunted Forest

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     bebn legg Lien
    Lowered the global volume from w255 to w170 and swapped #optimized to #default since it inserts fine. Make sure to test these things in game!
    Klug Lien
    Also known as Xandra no Daibouken: Valkyrie to no Deai in Japan. The third title in the Valkyrie series.
     SiameseTwins Lien
    Great #fim{<3}
     Samantha Author Lien
    Originally posted by 7 Up
    Did you use spc2mml and then optimize the TXT?

    It's a little more complex than that. I basically had to redo all the note lengths and remove the clutter (useless rests and panning shifts) before optimization. With a short song like this that wasn't hard at all.
    7 up Lien
    Did you use spc2mml and then optimize the TXT?