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Super Compact World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Compact World

Submission Details

Name: Super Compact World
Author: Atomic-Citrus
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 19 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Have you ever heard of the scientific theory of "The Big Crunch?" Unfortunately for Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom, this possible future has now become a reality.

The entirety of the universe has been condensed down into a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of what it once was. And if left untreated, all of the spacial volume remaining will be collapsed into an indefinite singularity, eradicating all that there ever was in this history.

Mario must traverse through a world that is now very tightly packed, the walls and ceilings almost always visible. With every passing second, this threat becomes more and more pronounced. Time is short, Mario. You must stop this contraction at the core of what remains.


This hack is almost exclusively vanilla, with minimal ASM inserted for a retry system, given the hack's difficulty.

It should be noted that with each stage the hack becomes exponentially much more difficult. Expect intense difficulty spikes around every corner.

-Author's Note-

I hope you enjoy this independently made project. I don't claim myself to be an expert designer by any means, but using Lunar Magic has proven to ease my mind after partaking intense classes towards my degree. I would love to be able to learn more about ASM specifically moving forwards, to make more "Chocolate-styled" hacks. Time, patience, and dedication is what it takes.

Take care!

-Carson (Atomic-Citrus)

Patch Notes: (Version 3)

-Graphical touch-ups in a few stages
-Patched the Yoshi berry glitch and multi-sprite spin jump glitch
-Minor level edits
Tags: asm music variety
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
4.6 (8 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (11)

Wyatt Link
Cute little hack for players who like hard stuff. Starts out pretty tough and ramps up to eventually kaizo-tight sections, but never completely restricts freedom of movement like a kaizo hack would. I strongly disliked a few levels (rope glitch + the two yoshi levels), but the rest of the levels were good. I especially liked how the section length was shorter than most other Very Hard hacks out there. Recommended to players who wish that Standard was more like Kaizo, or that Kaizo was more like Standard.
Ezel Link
This hack has been a little bit of a love-hate relationship. Some parts of it were really fun and unique, but there were also parts that were frustrating or not very clear on what to do. It gave a little bit of a soured taste, but overall the hack was a decent time.

As of highlights, I really enjoyed the first half of this hack and it had some really fun standard gameplay with a little dose of kaizo here and there. The final level was also a pretty unique and interesting concept, and despite being claustrophobic it felt good to play.

As of criticism, I felt that some of the harder levels didn't flow as well and suffered a lot from low ceilings that are easy to bonk, causing annoying deaths. This was a little bit of a problem in Ferocious Beasts for example, where I had to move really fast but also it was very easy to hit the low ceilings during some jumps, making some timings feel awkward to perform. That was very noticeable in the mid-late game, but the last two levels felt pretty good to play.

Probably my main problem with this hack would be the rope glitch level. It's where the hack spikes pretty hard in difficulty, and while for the rest of the hack I didn't have too bad of a time, I felt like having to play the rope glitch level as big Mario was perhaps a little overkill. A lot of the timings were very precise, and while most of them were possible to do relatively consistently, there was one short diagonal saw towards the end that I found basically impossible to dodge without damage boosting, and I'm not sure if I was missing something, or if it's an oversight and the timing is either incredibly tight or just straight up impossible without sacrificing one of your powerups.

The cape level also felt awkwardly tight, feeling a lot like an extremely oldschool kaizo level. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, but it just wasn't for me.

Overall I think this hack is pretty cool and it gets quite challenging towards the end, and it utilizes vanilla entities in interesting ways. I do feel like this hack may not be for everyone though, as it has some oldschool-esque kaizo levels that you might not enjoy if you prefer more modern hacks. Despite that, it was still a decent time and I appreciate the thought put into it.
Metballs Link
Awesome hack. I enjoyed the challenge a lot. Even though this hack can cross between very hard and kaizo:light in a few places, I can understand why it's set to very hard.
Oxan61 Link
In this videos: (37:13) (31:07)

Ferocious Beasts level has 5 green apples but in my game, there are total 4 apples.One green apple at the end of the level is missing.It is impossible to beat for me.Any suggestions?
Deakula Link
One of the most fun non-kaizo hacks I've ever played (even though this hack does walk the line between Very Hard and Kaizo: Light in a couple places).

Tight platforming, creative backstory, and attention to detail. The creator is very receptive to feedback, and is improving constantly in their romhacking skills. A pleasure to play and moderate, and I hope to see more from this creator in the future!

Kimota Link
I keep getting hard locked in the Yoshi speed run stage. If I eat the fruit at the same time as the timer hits 0, the game freezes. It's difficult to avoid since the first section is tight. Another problem I'm having there is that sometimes the pokey spawns additional sections, making it impossible to reach the fruit before the timer runs out.

Otherwise I'm enjoying the hack.
niko Link
i think if the author of this hack learns ASM (not nessecary, but ASM can do some fancy stuff) and polishes his hacks only a bit more, he could get one of my favorite creators out there.

i think with this one he's only scratching at the bottom of the barrel, and i already gave this one a 5/5.
cozy duck Link
I had a lot of fun with this. The only level that frustrated me was the rope glitch one, which I feel is just too tight in parts. Other then that though this provides a nice old-school challenge.
Morsel Link
Haven't enjoyed a hack so much for a while. Very impressive how levels with awkward premises turned out to be so reasonable (pace ft). I also found it refreshingly genre blurring in our overly categorical times.
ft029 Link
This hack provides nostalgia for some reason. The levels aren't made with creativity in mind, but rather trying to create stressful challenges for the player to work through. I enjoy this, to a degree.

My favorite is probably aqueous solution. I think the hack became unreasonable with the cape level, the yoshi flying level, and the final. At some point it became less about being focused, and more about extremely precise timing.

Thanks for making this.
niko Link
half way done now.

damn, this hack has no mercy.

aside from some strange graphic choices (fence to make water fly instead of just using the midway thingy as an example) and some unfair and janky enemy placement, it's a joy to play.

hard as hell, brutal, all that.

but good.

5/5 for now, if it's that fun to the end, i'll leave it as that!

good job.