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    Naruto - N-Tune 003

    Musique SMW → Naruto - N-Tune 003

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    Nom: Naruto - N-Tune 003
    Auteur: Dippy
    Ajouté le:
    Taille d'insertion: 0x0A54 bytes
    Type: Chanson
    Utilisation d'échantillons: Beaucoup
    Source: Adapation
    Durée: 1:09
    En vedette: Non
    Description: No, this is not from the anime. This is from the same artist that made the famous NES chiptune "Artificial Intelligence Bomb" that has gotten it's popularity thanks to YTPMVs. This is a very action-heavy song that's very good for tense or fast paced levels.

    You can listen to the original song here:
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    Étiquettes: athletic tense
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    commentaires (6)

    7 up Lien
    Sounds like something that you'd hear in Mega Man: Battle Network. NARUTO is such a talented artist!
    Ultima Lien
    looking at the link for the original, tbh it's kind of funny that it's labeled as a "virt-style" song, because it doesn't sound at all like virt to me lmao; this actually sounds more like something Jayster would do more than anything :V

    this is gud port btw
     Nanako Lien
    This remix is awesome
    Sweetdude Lien
    it's a Bop
    HammerBrother Lien
    I herd the artifical Intelligence bomb before, it was amazing. Hope that goes to smw as well.
    Pitchin' Luigi Lien
    This sounds like something that would come from that Flintsones SNES game (the one composed by Evans).

    Good work with this one Dippy!