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Not Dracula's Castle

Super Mario World Hacks → Not Dracula's Castle

Submission Details

Name: Not Dracula's Castle
Author: Morsel
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 0 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Dear SMW friend,

This is a short and unambitious hack made quickly for fun. There is no exit in the hack. You could consider it an enormous level. There are no message boxes in this game to help you. I have included a player's guide that explains everything I could think of. I would not use it myself but instead struggle manfully in confusion. Here are the spoiler free first few lines:

CHANGES from normal SMW
-no screen scrolling
-no pausing
-after releasing B with cape there is no delay (normally 16 frames) before ceasing to float
-you may freely turn around when flying
-no wall jumps
-and some conditions peculiar to individual levels (generally obvious)

-Every screen transition is a checkpoint and these save automatically to sram
-the yellow 0 on the title screen represents continue; there is no game beaten indicator

I took the opportunity to fix numerous breaks, oversights, inconsistencies and infelicities.
Fixes p-balloon room.
Comments: 7 (jump to comments)
5.0 (6 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (7)

Not_Vinicius1 Link
viniciuskombat Link
I loved this hack
5/5 #w{=)}
Sammmoo Link
Waiting the Morsel Randomizer!

Amazing hack
 Linkdeadx2 Link
If you like Morsel you will enjoy this. Has a similar feel to Gaijin Mario.
Dode Link
Dear SMW Creator,

This is a short and unambitious moderation comment compiled quickly for fun.

Right from the start, the first issue I encountered was your instruction for the player to "Press B". Being the edgy moderator that I am, I pressed Y and was able to proceed as though I pressed B. Do not bother fixing this as the perceived increase in forgiveness only contributes to the sadism that follows.

In the very first room, you may feel free to omit the second throwblock, as it is not needed.

The second room was one of my favorites. The upward donuts combined with custom saws and GHB pipes made for a nice combination of obstacles.

Difficulty definitely picked up in the third room. Some lag occurred when donuts and ball 'n' chains approached the sprite limit, but it's not unbearable.

Room 4 was neat. Rather simple in terms of length but it's a creative use of the flopping fish.

I loved room 5. One of my favorite swimming sections I've seen to date. The only issue is some blindness going back and forth with the cheep cheeps in the blue GHB pipe. A smart player can figure out how to make it consistent, though.

Room 6 was perhaps way too easy. Might be tough for players who don't understand the small Mario jumping out of water mechanic, but then again you teach that in the very first section. If you ever decide to increase the length of any rooms, make sure it's this one.

After the softball of room 6, room 7 hit me like a sack of bricks. I love the mechanic of switching positions with the triggers, and this one really made the player think about their actions. Definitely one of the steepest difficulty increases in the game, but once the room was learned it became pretty repeatable.

I'm not sure if I did room 8 correctly, but if I could adjust two things it would be the initial dive after takeoff and the red koopa shell part. Very creative slide storage and ending.

Room 9: I've never seen the Bowser statue turnaround ASM before, so this was really cool to me. I admire the synchronization of all the flames in conjunction with the turnaround ASM. The only really challenging part to figure out was the on/off switch thwomp with grey platforms, but I see your player's guide addressed this.

Room 10 was neat and not too difficult. I loved the idea.

Room 11 was a difficulty spike in learning but not necessarily in execution. The ending was a little finnicky and I'm still uncertain what the red shell was supposed to do. Maybe a simple addition to the player's guide is necessary here.

I ran into some spawn and lag inconsistencies in room 12. They're very minor and may have simply been the result of me doing improper things. I'm not sure if I did the very last jump correctly or not but the shell/ball&chain juggle was awesome. I appreciate the patch to prevent the shell from being stomped.

Room 13: the purple railing should probably be a different color. Cool idea overall. Not my favorite room but some of the obstacles around the flame mechanic were implemented very well. Had a little inconsistency with the block sometimes breaking (and sometimes not) on the moving pipe, but I assume it's not intended to land on the pipe anyway.

Room 14: Ignore my struggles in the beginning, I momentarily forgot how mushrooms behave. Only real issue was the bubble popping while on Yoshi's tongue, particularly the bottom bubble of the drop after the grey platforms.

Room 15: We already talked about this so I won't go into gruesome detail. The shell throw is a bit finnicky, but I was happy to hear the nudge strategy was intended. The end of the level with the saw and pswitch/spark is extremely difficult. Not a complaint, just a statement.

Room 16: Great room, I'm always a fan of fast layer 2 smash.

Room 17: I'm almost mad you made this room, as I've actually had some of these ideas in mind for a hack of my own. Love the P-balloon status storage and momentum usage. Some parts were tough to figure out blind but it ended up being fun to execute.

Room 18: This was probably the hardest room, mostly due to the length combined with back-ended difficulty. It was hard for me to get used to the cape descending patch but it's definitely a change for the better. The last section is incredibly tough, but was oh-so satisfying to conquer.

Room 19: I love this little room. Really brings the Castlevania vibe together.

Room 20 (final boss): You get no complaints from me. Another Morsel Boo fight that definitely did not disappoint. I long for this kind of thrill when I fight custom bosses and you nailed it, nice job.

Jokes aside this hack is downright incredible. The theme and lore are enjoyable and well-implemented. I just wish I had known it was coming sooner because this hack took me completely by surprise. I fully anticipate seeing a few kaizo players speedrun this in due time.

I give it 12/10 Morsel throw blocks.

With love,
bolop700 Link
Really fun and creative hack/level - thanks for making it! I eagerly await the next time the forces of good once more begin to weaken.
GbreezeSunset Link
Halloween isn't over yet #smrpg{sick}